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Social Media Strategies to Boost Your Online Dating

Your online dating isn’t just about writing a quick profile and messaging people on the site. You need to grow your dating brand. The great news is you can do that through social media strategies that businesses use to build their brands! Here’s a look at all the social media strategies you need to do to boost your online dating brand.

Use a Memorable, Eye-Catching Photo

One of the first things businesses learn about social media is first impressions count. This is also important about your dating profile. There is nothing more important for first impressions than your profile photo.

While your profile needs to represent the current you, it also needs to be eye-catching and memorable. You want people looking through profiles to stop because of the image they see. You want them to remember you when you message them or when they look through profiles again.

If they stop because of your profile picture, they’re more likely to look deeper to learn more about you.

Create a Profile for Your Target Audience

Businesses are told that their About section needs to attract their target customers. This same is said for your online dating profile. You’re not writing this for just anyone on the site. This isn’t the place to tell people what you want in a guy or girl.

Your profile is your About section. It’s the place to entice and draw in your target audience—the type of guys or girls you want to attract. Want someone intelligent? Create a profile that makes them feel connected to you. Need someone to make you laugh? Use your profile to reach out to people like that.

Look Over Your Profile and Bio Again

You may not have any issue in getting messages of people on the site. But what you’re finding is they’re not the right people. They’re interested in the wrong things or have got the wrong message from your profile. Even the best dating websites can’t always get it right if you’ve got a misleading profile or bio.

Take a look over the things you’ve written again. Look for any parts that are misleading or targeting the wrong people. Narrow your search parameters and think about the type of search words people will use to find you on the dating sites.

You’ll also need to look at your messaging style again. Your messages may be widely open to interpretation, leading to mixed signals and Mr. or Miss. Right dropping you for someone else.

Don’t Expect Anything Right Away

Just because you’ve put your profile out there doesn’t mean you’ll get lots of messages from people. Likewise that first message isn’t going to turn into a first date. The first date won’t necessarily turn into the second.

Don’t just expect something to happen right away and avoid aggressive tactics to see movement. Aggressive sales and high expectations are major turnoffs in social media. The same applies to your dating profile and messages. Slow the pace and take it one step at a time.

That being said, don’t be overly negative. Don’t turn down a date because you don’t expect it to go anywhere. You gain dating and social experience by going on the dead-end dates.

Look at your online dating profile as your social media profile for business. You want to create a space that attracts the right people, while sharing who you are and creating a memorable profile. It all starts with the first impressions and builds from there. Don’t be afraid to make some changes to attract the perfect guy or girl for you.