Lucas A Colgrove

Pokémon Go Players Cleanup Downtown Casper

In response to a statement by the Casper Police Department warning that they will be increasing their enforcement on Littering, Loitering, and Trespassing in the downtown area following concerns from local business owners, 15 volunteers of all ages gathered on Sunday to pick up trash that had been left behind in the vicinity.

Poké Trainers on Facebook groups, such as 307 Pokémon Go and Casper Pokémon Go, discussed the issue and ways to help correct the bad decisions of few. A litter cleanup project was one way to do so. After discussing a time that would work for many, and with the help of Keep Casper Beautiful and local donors, organizers rallied to recruit a team to do just that. 

Sunday at Noon, these Poké Trainers gathered on the North Side of the America Theater, and equipment, including bottles of water provided by private sponsors, was distributed to the team. The crew then dispersed to multiple alleyways throughout downtown, gathering garbage on their way. After nearly 90 minutes, volunteers returned to where they had started, and spent some time networking with their peers. They felt that Sunday's event was successful, and had expressed plans for future events. Although no official date has been set, organizers are currently planning to host a cleanup in Mid-October, and hope to see this event grow with future events.