Luxury Train India

Enjoy Fairytale Honeymoon on Palace on Wheels

Every girl’s dream is to have a warrior ride on white horse and woo her off. That ‘happily ever after’ need not stop with wedding. Take the magic to honeymoon too. Do you want to enjoy honeymoon like a prince-princess couple? Indian luxury train, Palace on Wheels will bring your dream into reality. We are not talking about figurative honeymoon in royal style.

The Palace on Wheels is designed similar to that of the cabins used by royal families of India in the past. New features and facilities are added to give it a five-star hotel experience. Thus, enjoy the train and span the royal Rajasthan with your partner in this once-in-lifetime opportunity.

What will you visually experience?

What type of honeymoon are you looking for? Do you want more of adventure and adrenaline rushing activities or more of mild and romantic activities? Stating from exploring palaces to wildlife safaris, this tour has everything that you want. Rajasthan is the land of kings. You can find exotic places and trips that would kindle your romance like never before. Of course, you would be visiting the universal symbol of love and one of the seven wonders, the Taj Mahal in this trip.

What type of services will you experience?

You would be treated like a royal heir. Everything in the cabin would be customized to make your trip more comfortable. The train takes you to various destinations in Rajasthan and surrounding areas so that you can explore each city in comfortable road transportation. Inside the train, you would be provided with all services and amenities that are possible inside a train.


Each saloon or coach is designed keeping the royal cabin in mind. Each one is named after a princely state in Rajasthan. The interior décor would focus on the important elements in that state. Starting from antiques to tapestry, you can have a royal feeling in every element of décor.


Do you want to taste Indian, Chinese, Continental and other cuisines inside a train? The train provides top chefs who would serve you the best delicacies. Each city’s delicacies will be added to the menu when the train reaches that destination. Thus, you will always have something new and interesting to taste and experience.

Best time to honeymoon in Palace on Wheels

The train runs from August to April every year. The tourism season in Rajasthan starts in October and ends in March. The best time for honeymooners is from November to February. This is the time when Rajasthan will be cool. For booking information, get in touch with your travel agent or visit the official site of the train. It is better to book at least four months in prior to the departure date. The tickets tend to get filled very fast and prior booking would help you get the right dates.

Honeymoon marks the start of a unique lifetime. What more can you do to make it special other than having an exotic honeymoon? When it comes to culture, exotic elements and surprises; no land can do honors like India and no train is like Palace on Wheels.