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Magformers LLC, the leading magnetic construction toy company, diversifies itself through expansion in 2017 with launch of DOLCE, a line of beautiful and activity-rich juvenile plush; acquisition of Clicformers and Tile Blox, new construction toy lines

PLYMOUTH, M.I. (Apr. 28, 2017) – As a key player in the $84 billion toy industry, Magformers LLC continues to remain at the forefront of innovation, most known for its award-winning construction toy line. Magformers has been experiencing tremendous growth year over year, and early signs in 2017 indicate more of the same. Building on the construction category success, the company is expanding its foot print in the construction category with Tile Blox, formerly known as MagWorld, which was purchased this month. The company is also announcing the addition of two other lines, DOLCE, a plush lineup out of France, which has partnered with Magformers LLC to be its distributor within the United States, as well as Clicformers, a joint venture with CLICS, which makes its way into both the USA and Canada with nine initial new items.

“The construction category is continuing to stay strong, and we feel we’ve positioned ourselves well as the quality brand that both retailers and parents know and trust. That is in large part due to the durability of our products and the incredible variety of colors and shapes that we offer. Plus, we use HQ ABS plastic and neodymium magnets, and total encapsulate them. As a result, we’ve been experiencing double-digit growth year over year for some time now,” explained Chris Tidwell, CEO of Magformers LLC. “When industry experts say product is the hero, they really mean it, and that’s why we’ve identified these three new lines as real winners for 2017 and beyond, and we’re honored and feel privileged to be able to bring them to the U.S. market. We’ve been looking for ways to expand our product lines and enter new categories, and we believe we’ve found the right opportunities to do just that.”

The first new area of business for Magformers LLC is DOLCE Plush Toys, a French line of beautifully crafted plush toys that encourage babies to develop sensory skills with a wide variety of textured fabrics; observe all the beautiful colors and explore the world with soft mirrors; learn to understand cause and effect through many engaging activities; create fun and educational role play; and let the activity-rich Dolce toys educate through play. Each Dolce Plush is made of unique, high-quality fabric and offers fun, educational features for infants and toddlers. Magformers LLC will be the sole U.S. distribution partner for this line, bringing to market eleven items, including:

• My First Owl Clock – This first activity clock is a perfect introduction to the concept of time telling for a child. With easy to move hands, beautifully knitted body, squeaker and signature Dolce teether, the My First Owl Clock is a great product for your child! MSRP $29.99; all ages.

• Activity Zebra – The large Activity Zebra is perfect for soothing an active child at bed time. Equipped with rattles, rings, mirrors, ribbons and more, this cute character is sure to provide tons of entertainment for your little one. You can even pull Zebra’s tail to hear songs! Bright contrasting colors in unique fabrics will mesmerize and soothe. Activity Zebra also comes with signature Dolce teether and its own dragonfly friend. MSRP $39.99; all ages.

In addition to DOLCE, Magformers LLC is launching Clicformers. At the beginning of 2017, the company acquired CLICS, a patented and award-winning building toy line that encourages a gender-neutral, fun and educational experience all at the same time. CLICS, now known as Clicformers, utilizes a unique clicking system consisting of plastic building blocks that kids can click, stack, fold and roll using four different connection methods.

“There was obvious symmetry between CLICS and Magformers, so for us, an acquisition like this was a no-brainer,” said Tidwell. “We’ll apply our proven marketing tactics and strategically invest in the manufacturing of this new product line with a plan to grow the brand over the long term.”

The entire product line contains five new price points, fourteen new piece shapes and unique new features, bringing Magformers LLC beyond the magnetic space and further establishing the brand as a leader in the construction category as a whole. Clicformers will launch with nine new items, including:

• Clicformers Basic 50Pc Set – A unique new way to create and construct! Clicformers use four different connection methods to click, stack, fold and roll. Build vehicles, airplanes and animals with the Basic 50Pc Set. Click your ideas together and see what you can create! MSRP $24.99; ages 4+.

• Clicformers Basic 70Pc Set – A unique new way to create and construct! Clicformers use four different connection methods to click, stack, fold and roll. Build vehicles, airplanes and animals with the Basic 70Pc Set. Click your ideas together and see what you can create! MSRP $29.99; ages 4+.

Lastly, Magformers LLC will bring to its family a third new product line purchased earlier this year, Tile Blox. As Tile Blox uses solid, magnetic plastic tiles, this new line will further qualify Magformers LLC’s role as a leader in the construction category, adding a new type of magnetic play. Tile Blox will enter the market in July with nine new items that add bright and beautiful new colors, incredibly low price points starting at $24.99, and six new piece shapes. Key Tile Blox items include:

• Rainbow 60Pc Set – Design and create with 6 Tile Blox shapes: Squares, Triangles, trapezoids, isosceles triangles, rectangles and right-angle triangles. Kids can design in 3D and learn shape recognition. Children can develop their motor skills and enjoy hours of open-ended play fun.

“As leaders in the category, we noticed there was a niche within our space that we haven’t capitalized on to date and with our Tile Blox product, we’ll be able to do that and more,” explained Tidwell. “As we continue to expand our product offerings and increase our visibility at retail, the timing is right to offer customers another high-quality product.”

As if that’s not enough excitement, Magformers LLC is also preparing to launch 51 new items in July to the trademark Magformers product line. Among these new playsets is a special anniversary set that comes with a bonus LED light to complement the new range of Neon colors. Beyond this are new signature items that include:

• My First Pastel 30Pc Set – Magformers My First Pastel 30 Set comes with new pastel-tone triangles and squares. Build and create with 2D puzzle cards and 1:1 figure cards and follow along a variety of activities. Lay your Magformers flat and match them to animals, learn to build in 3D by ‘pulling-up’ into Magformers structures. Each geometric shape contains magnets that never reject, so you’ll always hear the Magformers click. When playtime is over, use the magnetic power to simply stack and store. MSRP $59.99; ages 3+.

• Log Cabin 87Pc Set – Go on a forest adventure with Magformers Log Cabin 87Pc Set! Use Magformers building techniques to create Cabins, Treehouses and more! Decorate your log cabins by clipping in balconies and walls. Add windows, ladders, lay turf, build fences and plant trees. MSRP $99.99; ages 3+.

• Walking Robot Car 45Pc Set – Building off of last year’s award-winning Walking Robot comes the first Magformers vehicle. Build a robot villain and transform him into a speeding dragster or covert your robot hero into an awesome truck; then control everything via our new RC Watch! Let your imagination run wild as you discover the strength of Magformers and see what you can create. STEM education has never been so much fun! MSRP $139.99; ages 3+.

• Curve 50Pc Set – Design and build organic structures with curved 3D magnetic shapes with the all-new Curve 50Pc Set from Magformers. Arriving with six geometric shapes, use Squares, Arches, Sectors, Cones, Spheres, Super Arches and Super Sectors to build balls, towers and so much more! Create free-form structures and combine your design with all Magformers shapes to see where your imagination will take you. MSRP $99.99; ages 3+.

“By diversifying our business to include brands like Dolce, Clicformers and Tile Blox, we’re expanding into new categories and attracting new customers. Based on early feedback, we’re looking forward to an incredible year,” explained Tidwell.

All new items from Magformers LLC will be available at major retail stores, including Toys ‘R’ Us, Target and Amazon, in the summer of 2017. Prices and age recommendations vary per product line.

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