Benefits of mustaches

We all know that mustaches are the best way to make your style interesting and better, but nobody knows that mustaches have health benefits. Maybe it sounds contradictory or like irrelevant thing, but this has been proved by several studies and researches. Even more interesting is the fact some of the health benefits are seriously important, so it looks like mustaches should be worn by more men than usual.

Can make you more attractive

Several surveys and studies have proven that mustaches can help you look more attractive. In any case, you must choose the correct (the best) type of mustaches in order to get this benefit. It is possible due to the fact mustaches have an effect on the balance of the face and they can help you get a more square jaw, which has been linked to a higher level of attractiveness. In addition, the look and health of mustaches must be at the highest level.

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Lower risk of skin cancer

Probably the most important benefit, mustaches have to your health is reduction of the risk of cancer. It is possible due the fact they cover your skin and they protect it against UV rays. However, this applies only for skin cancer and has no effect on other types of cancers.

Reduces risk of an infection

Because you won’t shave, the risk of cutting your face is reduced (eliminated). Well, in a case of a cut, if a bacteria get in touch with your blood, an infection may occur. In any case, there are many threats that can be dangerous and can cause severe health issues. When you don’t shave your mustaches, the risk of this is lower and you are much safer.

Conceal scars

Mustaches and beards are linked, in most cases. If you have a scar or some deformity that can be concealed with mustaches, you should have them, simply due to the fact this will have an effect on the conversation and can eliminate the annoying questions that require even worse answers. This also reduces the stress, which means that your life will be better.

Protects vocal organs

Most doctors and scientists claim that mustaches and bears should be worn, due to the fact they protect sensitive organs important for your voice. This protection is related to UV rays, insect bites and similar threats that can cause issues for your vocal organs.

More time for yourself

An average man spends about 16% of his lifetime shaving! This is a lot of time to spend it in front of a mirror. If you don’t shave every day, you will have more time that can be used for many, other activities. For example, a man that doesn’t shave, spends 0% of his life standing in front of a mirror every morning. This time you will get will have a positive effect on your health, simply because you will be able to do things that make you happy and reduce stress.