Manchester Hall

Top Traditional Wedding Venues

When you are approaching you wedding, you are bound to be excited and will be organising a number of different things for your big day. Without a doubt, one of the biggest things to take care of is the venue where you choose to get married. When going for a traditional wedding venue, it can help save time with decorating, as most of the venues architecture looks fantastic untouched. Whether you’re looking for traditional wedding venues in Manchester or London, take a look at some of the top picks below to help you if you’re struggling slightly with picking your perfect wedding venue.

The Lansdowne Club

The Lansdowne Club is a venue which is set in the heart of the Mayfair area of London’s legendary West End. Built in the 18th century, the club bends together a beautiful traditional design along with trendy art and stunning detail around the walls. All of this creates a beautiful and small serene setting which is fantastic if you are just wanting to have a small number of guests with close friends and family at the wedding.

Banqueting House

Without a doubt, the Banqueting house in London is one of the most traditional wedding venues anywhere in the world. Built in 1622, this was a venue which is often used by kings and queens to be wined and dined and enjoy themselves. It has a giant main hall which is perfect when you are planning on having a wedding with a lot of guests.

Manchester Hall

The former Freemasons hall in the city of Manchester is one of the best traditional wedding venues that can be found in the north of the UK. Manchester Hall has seen as recent restoration, but it has kept the beautiful architecture on the inside. The whole building has a wonderfully traditional set-up and is the perfect setting for a nice relaxing wedding.

Carlton House Terrace

When you are wanting a traditional venue which is slightly different to the majority if ones available, then the terrace setting at the Carlton House is a great choice. It has a range of different wedding options available, and you can choose to either enjoy the interior or you can step outdoors onto the terrace. The terrace is a beautiful setting for the sunnier days of the year and it is a wonderful setting to get married in.