Selling? Avoid these common mistakes

Keen for a quick sale? Make selling your property much easier with our selling tips!

Choose the right agent

Choosing the right agent for your property is a crucial step in the selling process. When you have the first meet and greet with your local agent, take the time to assess their personality, approachability and attitude to see if they really are going to be the best option for you and your home. Your enlisted agent needs to be professional, easy to communicate with and respectful.

An owner who can’t let go

We understand that selling your property can be a difficult process, especially if it has been a beloved family home, holds special memories for you, or if you are being forced to sell for financial reasons. However, it is in your best interests to commit to the process and try your best to think of it as “a house” and no longer “your home”. To make it easier on yourself emotionally, try and think of the new possibilities that await you after you sell; it could be an improved lifestyle, or the easing of financial pressures.

When you have open house inspections, remove yourself and let your agent do their job. Most buyers will be uncomfortable with the seller being at the home and showing them around, as it blurs the line between a professional and personal sale.

Mess and clutter

This is a major issue that surprisingly still pops up every now and then. Make no mistake, a dirty property is not on a buyer’s wish-list, and the vast majority will not want to spend their hard earned money on a neglected property.

Before your agent arranges professional photography, and before each home open inspection, your home should be spotless. Remember, you are trying to present your home in the best possible light so you can achieve the highest sale price.

This means that the basics, like floors, all surfaces, basins, mirrors and windows should be clean and dust-free. Carpets should be professionally cleaned, and get rid of any scuff marks on walls or skirting boards. In some cases, it is worth hiring a professional cleaner to do the whole job for you.

Poor landscaping

Once you’ve taken care of the inside of your home, most sellers neglect the outside. This is almost as important as cleaning the inside, as it will form the first impression.

You should tend to any lawn areas you have on your property a few weeks prior to your first open house inspection, to ensure that it looks its best. It should be trimmed, edged and well-maintained.

Your garden beds are another key area deserving of your attention; make sure that they are weeded and well-maintained, as buyers will just see a lot of work that they probably won’t want to take on.

Pathways and stepping stones should be safe, with no wobbly pavers, to present your home in the best light for potential buyers. It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes once you get rid of built up dirt and grime with a high-pressure water cleaner.

Smells and odours

If you have pets, smoke inside the house, have a blocked drain or have any other unpleasant smells wafting through your house, make it a priority to eliminate the source of the odour.

Usually, the best smell a home can have is no smell at all, so freshen up your home by opening windows and doors and turning on fans to air out your home. You can a use diffusers, or scented candles sparingly as many buyers feel heavy scents are covering up smells (which they usually are).

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Clutter and large pieces of furniture

Disorganisation and cluttered rooms and surfaces don’t show your property in the best light, and many buyers will have trouble seeing the home for what it could be without the clutter. The same goes for big pieces of furniture, which tend to make rooms feel smaller and pokey.

Have a big clean out prior to your professional photos and home open inspections to get rid of any clutter, and try to store large pieces of furniture in a storage facility or at a family member or friend’s home whilst your house is on the market.

Temperature at home open inspections

At home open inspections, it’s important to take in the weather conditions and adjust your homes heating or cooling needs accordingly. That way, buyers will experience your home at the optimal comfort levels.

No address listed

Some sellers decide not to share their address for security reasons, but in the eyes of a buyer this is a big mistake. The product, being your property, is a huge investment and buyers need to know where it is located so they conduct their due diligence.

By not providing an address, it can seem like you are trying to hide information from buyers, which most will not appreciate. Even just listing a suburb name is not enough – it only serves to hinder their research.

Poor quality photography, or none at all

Having your property professionally photographed is a key element of a successful marketing campaign. Poor quality images, or properties that have no photos attached seem uninviting or that you’re hiding something, so it’s really important you have at least key rooms (kitchen, master bedroom, living areas) photographed.

Photographs work to spark the interest of the buyers, and inspire them to inquire more about the property and attend home opens, so they should not be overlooked.

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