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BrightCharger: The Eco-Friendly Smart Charger launches global sales through Indiegogo campaign

ATLANTA, May 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Another great innovation from Finland. The first dual active design charger that saves energy, protects your battery and is also a nightlight. BrightCharger® is an intelligent (5V 1A) design charger that automatically stops devices from charging when their batteries are full, which saves energy, protects battery lifespans and decreases the risk of overheating. The dual active device also functions as a low energy consumption nightlight. Compatible with all devices that charge via USB cables.

"We chose to launch BrightCharger on Indiegogo because we wanted to share our invention with a community of like-minded people who not only appreciate quality products but who are also mindful of protecting the environment," Said Harri Tiainen, inventor and CTO of BrightCharger.

Easy to use, safe charging, and protects the life of your battery

During our US pilot programs with students and business leaders, we received valuable feedback from groups using the BrightCharger. Students loved the design and ease of use to have a light tell them when the battery is full instead of constantly checking the device.

Mothers gave feedback that they were happy to have a device that would relieve their "fear of overheating" for devices plugged overnight in their children and grandchildren's bedrooms and appreciated the safety as well as the nightlight feature.

Business owners were concerned with the frequently recurring costs of replacing mobile devices for their business, due to battery failure and were excited for the automatic shutoff feature of the BrightCharger to extend battery life. Business owners also commented on the value of a BrightCharger as a corporate gift to employees, clients or schools.

"With so many people travelling for business and pleasure, it is easy to take your BrightCharger with you," said Jani Rytkonen, CEO of BrightCharger. Just plug the BrightCharger in an outlet and plug your device into the BrightCharger. The BrightCharger takes care of the rest automatically by telling you the battery is full when the light changes color, and automatically shutting off when charging is complete.

Watch the BrightCharger video and visit our Indiegogo campaign to learn more about the BrightCharger -your SMART charger.

Charge your devices the (B)right way with BrightCharger!

Media Contact: Tana Torrano
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