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Benefits of RC lawn mowers

With everything going electrical nowadays, it is only natural that lawnmowers also took the same path. Unlike the traditional lawn mowers that guzzling noisy, these are quiet and most importantly, we have remote controlled lawn mowers that make it easier even for the disabled to mow their lawn.

Who should you choose an electric lawn mower?

The term remote control lawnmower can mean three things. The first is it can mean a handheld remote control to start the electric mower, the second could mean a handheld control to activate the robotic lawnmower or the full meaning which is a handheld device to control the whole lawn mowing operation. The reason why you should consider getting a remote controlled lawn mower is because of the numerous benefits it has compared to the traditional lawn mower. Below are some of the benefits of the remote controlled lawn mower.

Benefits of remote controlled lawnmower

Does not need a physical operator

One of the primary reasons why people choose to purchase a remote controlled lawn mower is because it does not require the owner to walk with it while it is in operation. Some of these reasons include maybe the person could be ill health or incapacity or simply not having the time to walk it around their backyard

Requires Low maintenance

What most people are not aware is the fact that the lesser moving parts a machine has, the more durable and low maintenance it has. Gasoline engines have a lot of moving parts and also produce a lot of vibrations that are responsible for the fast wearing out of some parts of the lawn mower. Moreover, the fact that it depends on fuel to boost oxidation of individual parts decreases it's' life. That is why you have to continuously maintain a gasoline engine, frequently clean it, oil it, check broken parts and service it something that does not apply to electric mowers. These have few moving parts and little vibrations.

Remote Controlled Lawn Mowers are Safer

Modern automated mower design takes so much accountability on the safety and security of the mowing device. They come with effective collision detection systems featuring hi-tech sensors to prevent them from bumping into obstacles. This feature is for navigation as it makes it possible for your mower to stop and turn even before running into any objects including people and pets. These mowers also have lift and tilt sensors which automatically shut off the cutting system when the mower is picked up or tipped over. Lastly is the presence of an easily accessible and highly visible emergency stop button

The cost of purchasing and maintaining a RC lawnmower is cheaper

One of the reasons I would go for a remote control lawn mower is because the price of purchasing, maintaining and owning this device is at least two times lower than a gasoline powered mower. The reason for this is because electric motors cost less to manufacture, they do not need moving pars and lastly integrated circuits make maintenance even more easier considering these mowers can even alert you potential problems such as then blades have a certain obstruction or when the motor is overheating.

Environmental friendly

We need to be environmental conscious. Personally I care so much about the environment and that is the reason why I prefer an electric mower to the gasoline mower any day. According to research, 2 stroke engines like those on lawn mowers tend to produce twice the amount of pollutants released by a car engine. This is at least 10 times more powerful than it. When you decided to use an electric powered mower, you help the economy in a smaller way but help to ensure that our environment is sustained in a bigger way.

It does not make noise

When I think of gas engines, the next thing that comes to my mind is noise. Gas engines are usually driven by a phenomenon called internal combustion. This involves blowing a tiny mixture of highly flammable carbohydrates in a tight space. As for the explosion, this produces so much noise and unlike cars, which at least have been installed with mufflers to decrease the noise, lawn mowers are too small and rudimentary in their design to have them. However, the remote controlled lawn mowers are electrical hence they use electric controlled motors which do not produce any sound.

It is fun controlling a lawn mower via a remote

Traditional gas powered lawn mowers needed someone to push it across the yard so that it could mow. This was one of the most boring things to do considering all you do is pushing the mower back and forth. Thanks to the remote controlled lawn mower, now mowing has become fun rather than a chore. You can sit at the far end of the yard and watch as the mower does the mowing or you can simply control the mowing from the comfort of your living room as you watch the mower mowing across the yard from your television. This makes mowing fun for everyone rather than a chore.

Remote controlled mowers are easy to use

One of the main benefits of a remote controlled lawn mower is that it can be used by people who are even disabled and senior citizens. This has been made possible with the fact that mowing only needs the user to know how to operate the joystick control which is done using only finger. That means that senior citizens will not have a hard time trying to control the joystick as it is easier to move and uses the least amount of physical exertion.

Automatic charging feature and a security pin

Some remote controlled lawn mowers will return to their charging station whenever the batteries are low or the schedule you had set is complete. This is part of making your work easier since you will not have to keep monitoring how it operates. It also comes with a security pin which helps to deter theft. Take note security is one of the things most people were worried about the remote controlled lawn mower.