Attorney Richard Hackerman Helps You through Your Bankruptcy Case

Baltimore, Maryland – If you have ever been in debt, you might have thought about filing for bankruptcy. Declaring bankruptcy is quite a taxing process, but if you do it the right way, it can end up worth all the effort and save you money, give you peace of mind, and help you get back on your feet for a new start. Since declaring bankruptcy can have long term consequences, it is important to consider all of your alternatives. In order to explain the best course of action for your situation, you can consult a Baltimore bankruptcy lawyer or attorney for some advice. This being said, there is one attorney you can trust – Richard Hackerman.

Bankruptcy lawyers are beneficiaries in such a tough economy. Several people have an unclear idea of the process of bankruptcy, so they do a lot of researching. In this case, it is best to seek help from a professional expert who has the knowledge and experience to guide you through such a difficult time. With creditors closing and desperation mounting, people often select a bankruptcy attorney based on price, advertisement and, worse of all, no criteria. But hiring the right person to handle your bankruptcy can make a big difference between a rebound and long-term pain.

If you are hesitant to file for bankruptcy because you are unsure of how to go about it, you can consult Richard Hackerman who is an experienced Baltimore bankruptcy attorney. He can help you understand your situation and how to act accordingly to avoid further problems in the future. For many people, taking that first step can be a shameful thing to do. Nevertheless, once you accept reality, then you can immediately start to do something about it.


Atty. Richard Hackerman specializes in business law. His knowledge in business law is coupled with strong communication skills and negotiation tactics. Over the years, he has been helping taxpayers and businesses of all sizes in dealing with financial issues in the field. He is known to be one of the best bankruptcy lawyers in Baltimore, Maryland, and he is more than ready to assist you in any bankruptcy situation you are facing. With his experience, he has had clients who have been harassed by debt collection companies or creditors. Working with clients on their debt settlement issues has made him a premier resource for legal information regarding these kinds of concerns.

If you are looking for the best outcome, Atty. Richard Hackerman can provide creative solutions for organizations and individuals. He is known for providing individualized services for his clients because he understands that no two cases are the same. He has taken can of each one of his clients and provided them with different ways to get back on their feet so they can recover from such financial trial. A fresh financial start awaits his clients, and he aims to continually provide quality services to those in need of his help.

You will be provided with credible and accurate information regarding the process. Atty. Hackerman can protect your assets so that you can keep your home, car, and other possessions. Even if you have a business that needs to be recovered and restored, he will take the time to work with you. Liens and tax issues are also extensively discussed whenever his clients ask for his assistance in that area. He will handle your documentation with utmost care and sensitivity. His goal is to exceed his clients’ expectations and become a reliable source of information.

With several of his clients coming from different industries, he understands that each and everyone has their own unique needs and debt issues. He will sit down with you and discuss your case to understand ever detail while maintaining client-attorney trust and confidentiality. He will help come up with different alternatives instead of simply coming up with one resolution. Atty. Hackerman works hard to deal with cases entrusted to him with integrity and credibility because he values the confidence and trust of his client in him and the support he receives from his peers.

So if you are going through a really rough time with your finances and are thinking of declaring bankruptcy, it is best to look for a good lawyer who can assist you throughout your case. You definitely do not have to look much further because Baltimore bankruptcy attorney Atty. Richard Hackerman is here to help you out. You can contact him at 410-243-8800 for more details.