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Erotic Massage Prague: The Unspoken History

Erotic Massage Prague may be an unexpected phrase for you. There are many cities in Europe which are put in connection with erotica – Hamburg, Amsterdam or Paris, for example. Prague is rather associated with culture or history. But don’t be deceived, there´s brisk nightlife in the city and many foreign tourists search for it. We can say that it’s one of the main attractions of this popular destination, despite the fact that nobody talks about it. And we should also point out that erotic services have a long tradition there, which can’t be ignored. So, where can we find the origins of this situation?

From History to Modern Trends

As you probably know, Prague was one of the centers of trade and economy in Austrian Monarchy for more than two hundred years. It means that many of traders, foreigners and politics lived there or travelled through. Of course, they were interested in services, including sexual ones. That’s the reason why this “business” prospered, regardless of the ruling regime. But after the revolution in 1989, when the borders were opened, new trends emerged. Many of them also affected the erotica. The erotic massages are one of the examples. But it’s not about sex, erotic massage is relaxation and pleasure. We can describe it as an erotic service that is on a higher level than others, because it has some culture and tradition.

Where Did the Erotic Massages Come From?

Erotic massages aren’t a part of European tradition. Most of them came there from Asia (Nuru, Tantra,…) and they were originally considered as a part of culture and everyday life. It was only our perception which made them sexual service. Japanese, Chinese or Indian people used them to create a bond between the spouses or to relax and let the negative energy go away. In some cases it was used in medicine. For centuries the art of erotic massage was a secret. But in the last twenty years many massage salons were founded in the world. And one of the centers of this type of erotica is also Prague.