Increase in Penetration of Internet and Internet-enabled Devices- A driving factor for Cloud-based Language Learning Market.

Analysts at Beige Market intelligence have identified the major driving factors of Worldwide Cloud-based Language Learning Market. According to the report the major factors are

Increase in Penetration of Internet and Internet-enabled Devices

One of the major drivers for the growth of the online language market is the growing penetration of the internet and internet-enabled devices. The internet has been a great medium to deliver online content and has triggered growth in the online language market.

“The global population is estimated to grow almost 8 billion people by 2021 with a CAGR of more than 1%” says the analyst at Beige Market Intelligence.

This provides a high opportunity for the internet based learning market. Governments across developing economies are undertaking initiatives for the development of internet infrastructure.

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The report also outlines the other driving factors such as

Importance of continuous education among Global Citizens

The growing need for education among global citizens and desire to learn a second language is growing. As the education curriculum changes encourage the acquisition of second language learning. This provides an opportunity for growth of the market.

Private Investments in Digital Learning

With the growth in internet penetration and device adoption, there has been an increase in investor interest in digital learning solutions. There are more than 350 language learning startups globally, which are funded privately.

Global Workforce and Migration of Skilled Labor

The migration of skilled resources from developing to developed countries has been in practice for several decades and is one of the major contributors to the language learning across the world.

Along with the detailed analysis and explanation of the major driving factors the report also includes the key market restraint information, competitive landscape analysis and key vendors  in Worldwide Cloud-based Language Learning Market for the forecast period of 2021.

In the research report worldwide cloud-based language learning market has been segmented by target user type, language type and geographic segmentation type.

Some of the major key vendors included in the report are Speexx, Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, Busuu and Babbel. Some of the other prominent vendors featured in the report include 50 Languages, Linguatronics, Sanako, Okpanda, Sans, Voxy, Sanoma, Memrise and Edusoft.

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