How to Write a Perfect Essay: Writing Tips for Students

“I need a 5000 word essay on my desk on my Monday. “ Says the professor in front. Essays are quite a frightening task if you don’t know what you’re doing. There may be an idea to be written about, a required number facts to be present, even the number words may be set. In writing essays, even those who are already high in their positions get stumped, too. It may be a daunting task but there are quite a few sure fire ways to get some essay help.


Getting essay help first points you to outlining. The first step is to actually choose a topic. Students, however, get their assignments with assign topics already. Knowing this, you quickly then go to outlining. Outlining a topic requires you to order your thoughts about a certain topic.

In a way where it will be understandable. There could be major parts like the Introduction, the presentation of the idea, the proposed solution or opinion, and facts. It may also include sub-topics related to the article.

The best outlines contain an introduction that strike clearly the thing you want to tackle. The problems with the topic are then presented in a fair and unbiased way. You then introduce your solution or opinion to the idea.

Research and Support

You’ll have to provide facts that will support your claim. How strong your theory is depends on how you will be able to back it up. Either your own research or other people’s research will do. As plagiarism or cheating is a serious crime for a student, you’ll have to give credit to the owner of the research you used on your essay. Avoid using unrelated facts. Also, keep the facts that are related close to each other. This way, you can achieve a better order of thought.

Make It Sound Like You

One of the major reasons essayists are popular is because they have their own style in writing. Experts and enthusiasts alike can determine an essay’s writer depending on their styles of getting the idea through. Work your way through the essay and leave traces of yourself in it. Imposed humour, seriousness and gravity, and more while sounding professional and competitive. In similar ways, try not to include yourself too much or you may exhume arrogance and want for attention in you paper.

Make It a Lasting Thought

There are quite a number of ways to do this. It is agreed that at the introduction, you’d have to hook the readers. They make or break the decision of readers to go through the whole thing. You can start with a quote like “Books should be judged by their covers” or any other thing like it. In the body of your essay, you can also present facts that can be humorous or unheard of.

Of course, you convincing power will ride on how you will use these facts towards the conclusion. Either you want people to avoid something or you want them to rally behind you, the last part of the essays should give a lasting effect. It should be quick summary of what was discussed along with your recommendations.