2020 Advancement Day: Cooking Merit Badge Class Requirements

Troop 77 Scouts:

The Cooking Merit Badge class for Advancement Day 2020 will be slightly different than in years past. We'll be offering the class in two parts, on Feb. 2 and Feb. 8.


Scouts (and parents): This is a detailed set of instructions, so read it carefully and completely.


In addition to being required to reach Eagle rank, cooking is a very valuable and important skill for all scouts to have, one that will serve you well throughout life … not to mention making meals on campouts a bit more interesting!


The Cooking Merit Badge has a number of different requirements, including several intro sections on food safety, cooking techniques, equipment, etc. It involves cooking several breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts. Scouts are required to cook meals at home, in the outdoors and on the trail. 

This is not a badge that you will complete in one day.


On Sunday, Feb. 2:

Requirements 1 – 3, Basic Cooking Skills & Food Safety

1 - 3 p.m.. - Location: Scout Hall

  • The class will cover Requirements 1 – 3. Scouts are expected to have read the Cooking Merit Badge handbook completely and to have completed parts 1 - 3 on the cooking merit badge worksheet. 
  • We will review those with the full group, and scouts should be prepared to discuss and answer questions.
  • If you complete this class on Feb. 2, you can also do the classes on Feb. 8.

On our Feb. 8 Advancement Day, you’ll have two options. Note the times.


  • Requirement #4, Cooking at Home

9 a.m. - noon -. Location: Fellowship Hall Kitchen


  • Requirement #5, Camp Cooking (cooking outdoors)

9 a.m. - Noon - Location: BBQ Pit Area


You will NOT have the opportunity to complete Requirement #6 (Trail Cooking) on Advancement Weekend.




  • Arrive early to stow your food in the freezer and be ready to begin at 9 a.m. (Early is on time. On time is late.)
  • From 9 a.m. – Noon., scouts will work on completing Requirement #4 using the Fellowship Hall kitchen. If we have more than 8 scouts interested in this part, we’ll start with the oldest.
  • From 9 a.m. – noon., scouts will work on completing Requirement #5 in the BBQ Pit Area.

Keep Reading!


  • Scouts are REQUIRED to have read the cooking merit badge book prior to this class. Click this Link.
  • Here's a link to the Cooking Merit Badge Worksheet. Scouts are REQUIRED to have the appropriate parts of the worksheet completed before the class. Scouts who arrive with the worksheets incomplete will not be able to complete the badge in these classes.
  • On the day of the class, scouts should bring everything (food, spices, butter, oil, etc.) they’ll be cooking for their respective requirements, plus all materials (pots, pans, utensils, foil, etc.) that they’ll need to cook and serve their food. They should bring enough food to cook each required meal for one or two people.


SUPER IMPORTANT: All scouts who are working on Requirement #4 or #5 (cooking in the kitchen and cooking outdoors) MUST have all the pre-planning part of the worksheets completed and reviewed by Mr. Leff or Mr. Cryor in advance of the Feb. 8 classes


  • Mr. Leff and Mr. Cryor will be available to review the pre-planning forms during Troop meetings, or you can make other arrangements with him to get those reviewed and approved.
  • If you don’t meet that deadline, you won’t be able to take the class.
  • As the kitchen has a limited capacity, we’ll give priority to older scouts who are closer to eagle and need to complete this badge. If you can’t make this class, don’t worry. You’ll have other chances.


To participate in the classes, please email Mr. Leff ( and put “Cooking Merit Badge Class” in the subject line.


Include this info:








Choose One:


___ I wish to complete parts 1 – 3 on Feb. 2


___ I wish to complete part 4 of Feb. 8


___ I wish to complete part 5 on Feb. 8


Note on your email if you’ve already completed parts of the badge. _______________________


Yours in scouting,


Mitch Leff, Dennis Cryor

Cooking Merit Badge Counselors

(404) 861-4769