MJ Home Services

MJ Home Services Comes Up with Reliable Solutions

MJ Home Services Comes Up with Reliable Solutions

Baltimore, Maryland – Do you find your basement always damp after a storm? Do the rain showers bring in water into your house? If so, then it is probably time to consider getting professional basement waterproofing in Baltimore, MD in order to solve the problem. Having a wet basement will not only prevent you from enjoying this additional space in your home, but it can also turn it into a health infested area where growing molds and fungi can pose risk to your family’s health.

When a homeowner thinks about home improvement, basement waterproofing is probably not the first thing that pops into their mind. Who can blame them? Waterproofing has never been something glamorous, but neither is having a damp and moldy basement. The basement is an essential part of the home which is used to store things, and it is never a good experience when you have to face foundation cracks, seepage, floods, etc. Thus, it is important to find the best and most effective solution to these problems before these cause damage to its foundation.

MJ Home Services specializes in basement waterproofing in Baltimore, MD to keep your property at its best condition. Their motto is, “We believe in keeping rain water outside where it belongs.” Unfortunately, not all companies believe in this motto because they believe in letting the rain water into your basement, then later collecting it and pumping it back outside. From their experience, they have found that most basement waterproofing companies do not have the proper labor needed to hand excavate around the foundation of a home, and that makes it easier for them to work from the inside of the basement of your home.

Their team believes that sump pumps are a fail. If the work is not done the proper way, then the waffle board will cause mold and mildew to grow on the walls. Why should you have the water go through your home through a pump then be pumped back outside when you can strictly keep the water outside where it belongs. This even works when the electricity goes out.

MJ Home Services are waterproofing contractors that are dedicated in using the latest technology to solve their customers’ water problems. They make use of the most efficient and environmentally friendly equipment in the industry and they are able to offer the highest level of quality of work at the most competitive prices. They are dedicated in achieving complete customer satisfaction because they know that their success comes from happy customers that make references.

Their waterproofing experts will take the time to carefully analyze your problem and recommend a basement waterproofing system that is appropriate for your home and within your budget. As a full-service waterproofer, they can fix any cellar, crawlspace, and basement. They also do lawn re-grading, installation of French drains, connecting downspouts to underground drainage systems, and several others. Their team has the experience and manpower to take on some of the toughest drainage problems.

Aside from waterproofing, MJ Home Services offers mold removal jobs. Instead of doing it on your home, let the professionals take care of it for you. They have the equipment to detect where the mildew is in order to stop it immediately. Looking for the source of the moisture that allows it to grow is important in order to defend yourself against mold damages. It may come from a leaky roof, your windows, or possibly the landscape around your home pushing water inside.

Solving this problem can vary from caulking a window to sealing a crawl space. Once the problem is solved, their team can proceed to eliminating the mildew by cutting out sheetrock, taking out the insulation, or many other ways depending on the situation. After they kill the molds, they will make sure to monitor the area and humidify it in order to prevent molds from coming back. The last thing you want to happen is risk the health of your family and have a ruined property.

MJ Home Services has a team of professionals who have the experience necessary to diagnose your problems, recommend solutions, and eventually provide permanent answers to your home problems. With over 15 years in the business, they have worked with different homeowners, realtors, and commercial property management teams. They specialize in mold removal and basement waterproofing in Baltimore, MD that everyone can rely on. For more details, you can always contact them at 410-242-5500 or 443-716-6277.