The in-depth guide of iPhone unlock

The iPhones have been a much more important part of our lives than we care to recognize. It is hard to imagine a time when iPhones were not such a big part of our daily existence, and the reason for that is, because ever since the invention this wonderful piece of technology, Apple has done everything possible to keep up with its customers and their changing demands. Be it a high-definition update on the camera, a new feature in the iOS, or even the lack of headphone jacks, Apple has always been the flagbearer for unconventional innovation when it comes to phones, computers and other accessories which Techspectacle also deals with, and one of these unconventional innovations is the ability unlock your iPhone to be used on carriers other than the one it came for.

When you purchase an iPhone, you have to register it in Apple’s database alongside the carrier you are going to be using it with, and although jailbreaking has been a controversial topic over the years, it certainly allows you to change your carrier. And since there are a lot of ways via which you can unlock your phone, such as trustedbeasts guide to unlock iPhone 6, let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can unlock your iPhone using different technologies and methods.


This method of unlocking your iPhone was the first major breakthrough when it came to jailbreaking. To unlock your phone using this method, you will have to download a set of instructions and install it on your device. This method is pretty much obsolete now, although some people still use it because it only works on models until the iPhone 3G. This entire practice was successful in the primitive versions of the phone because of a loophole in their security protocols, and as soon as Apple’s engineers discovered this, they took immediate steps to remedy the situation, and poof, the software unlocking died with that.


As the name suggests, during a Hardware unlocking, the physical components of the phone are altered in order to redirect any calls and texts you receive on your iPhone to your current carrier. This process is considerably more effective than the software unlock, because it works with many versions of Apple’s flagship phone. But it must be kept in mind that this method is as delicate as they possibly get, and must be performed by someone who is both, experienced, and well-informed about the workings of each and every minute component inside the phone. WHY? Because one wrong step here, and your phone can be toast. Other than that, you also have to prevent things like dust entering the phone while it is opened. The warranty of your phone also goes null and void once the phone’s hardware is opened, so weigh your options before deciding.


The method everyone recommends to convert your carrier on an iPhone device, because it has the highest success rate and the highest level of durability. Of course when you have those things, it will cost you a little extra as well, but it is totally worth it. Every phone in the world is granted an IMEI number, which stands for “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. It is unique, so no two phones can have the same IMEI number. IMEI unlocking simply changes your phone’s IMEI status from locked to unlocked, and once it does that, you can use any mobile carrier with your iPhone. There is a variety of options at your disposal if you are looking to unlock your iPhone via this method, but your two best bets are and OfficialiPhoneUnlock. Both these options have their pros and cons like, iPhoneIMEI only unlocks iPhone that are in countries like USA, UK, or Canada, and their carrier range is also limited, but then their service is also a bit cheaper than the other option. OfficialiPhoneUnlock on the other hand, has a wide range of carriers, and can also work for iPhones outside the aforementioned countries, but understandably so, their service is expensive.