Modspace Now Delivering Kitchens, Wardrobes & Furniture in 4 weeks. has now modified their delivery terms from 5 weeks to 4 weeks. This change in delivery has been made possible due to streamlining their processes after the order is booked with the customer. Once the order is booked and finalized with the customer, the modular kitchen or wardrobe goes into production. After production, all the material goes through a quality control check to ensure everything is in order and ready for dispatch.

Over the last few months, has been dedicated their timeand energy to reduce the delivery timeline to ease the homebuilding process for their customer. Once the order is booked and the specifications are finalized, the responsibility of the client is done. They just have to sit back and relax for 4 weeks, while the order is being produced, and then it gets packed and ready for installation. The team has perfected their post-production process, speeding it up and getting all the products per client ready for dispatch in a much shorter timeframe, which is the reason why the delivery timeline has reduced from 5 weeks to 4 weeks. Post-production, all products go through a strict quality to check to ensure all components are in place to make sure a full solution is fully flat-packed and delivered to any home within Delhi NCR.

All modular kitchens, wardrobes, and other furniture items are standardized to be delivered within 4 weeks of booking the order. Whether it is your basic modular kitchen or a kitchen full of fancy accessories and storage units, will still deliver the full product in 4 weeks. Upon delivery, the modular kitchen or wardrobe or furniture is ready for installation within the home. No matter the finish or the style, all products will be delivered to the customer door step within 4 weeks.

With the 4-week delivery, is maintaining superior quality with factory-finished furniture, suitable for any dream home. All products come with a 5-year warranty and lifetime after sales service.