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What will help brands stand out amidst the current online business boom

2020 was a black year for offline businesses, but for online, it was more fruitful than ever with all customers turning to the Internet to fulfill their needs. But now the competition is fiercer than ever in the online world, so what can brands do to survive?

No one can deny, 2020 was a business-altering year for many companies. It's surprising to see how drastically their operations and methods have changed to meet the market's needs. The IMF World Economic Outlook from 2020 suggests that the pandemic will cost the world $28 trillion in lost output over the following five years.

The Index of Industrial production has steadily fallen in 2020 compared to 2019, so most countries will face a protracted economic downturn. At this point, we should group the worldwide countries into four categories: countries that will recover, countries with a protracted economic downturn, countries with lagged crisis effects, and countries that experienced a weak impact. 

With offline businesses closed, the Internet became the saviour. And even if the world will come back to normal, many organisations state they prefer to focus their advertising efforts to the online environment. If you're one of the entrepreneurs who want to stand out amidst the current online business boom, you may find the following guidelines useful. Here is how to deliver ads that truly convert and help your brand stand out in a competitive space. 

For start-ups

Look at inspirations at the giants in your industry and see what you can learn from their advertising strategies. Some tactics you can adopt in 2021 include:


TikTok is a brand with a marketing swagger. The app has the tagline It starts on TikTok, and allows businesses to create 30-second-long videos that work as ads and leverage their user-generated content. For their marketing campaigns, they hired celebrities to attract a broad user base. In their advertising messages, they spark in their prospects the fear of missing out and inspiration and use UGC to generate trust and help their public understand their product's value. 

Create a TikTok page and ask your customers to submit product reviews to help other people find out about your brand. 

Rev-up the post-purchase vibe

Sometimes, the best way to build brand love and attract buyers is to associate its name with a catchy song or a furry friend's image. Let's say that you manage an online casino and want to attract millennial clients. A creative twist to your ad strategy is a proper protagonist to star in the video content. Video is king in the marketing world, and you should produce video content to meet your clients' needs. Create brand presentation videos, tutorials, reviews, and behind-the-scenes content to create a connection with your public. Shoot tutorial videos for first time casino gamers to help them win even if they've never played before. Use your pet brand ambassador to guide your clients' steps in the gambling world and get their paws on the games they like the most. 

Make an eye-popping presence online

If you want your business to stand out, look for ways to make your ads appear in places where your clients wouldn't expect it. Ciate London did this by projecting a smiley face onto the House of Parliament in London and the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. They projected the smiley face on the House of Parliament' side opposite to St Thomas' hospital to raise patients' spirit. 

For seasoned brands

Now you know all the tricks start-ups are leveraging, so you must look to the future and identify your brand's opportunities to stand out and stay ahead of the competition. 

Reference your clients' location and pain points

One of Nike's advertising campaigns had a sassy message "Nothing beats a Londoner" that targeted a particular public (sports enthusiasts living in London). The brand also cast locals to share their stories of how they use Nike products to practice sport in London. Another example of ad done right was Nike's Reactlad when it launched a new model of running shoes called Epic React. They targeted a part of their audience, people who run outdoors. If you manage an online casino and want to reach a specific audience, you can use this strategy to stand out on the market. For example, many beginner players are looking for casinos that offer bonuses to boost their earnings, so you can focus your advertising strategy on promoting the range of bonuses you provide to users who play for the first time. When you create the campaign's name, research the market to find out what your competition used. Bonus tip: work with former clients who used bonuses and can talk about the experience. 


The number of ads created using animation and CGI increased in 2020 because it's eye-catching to present products using all kinds of effects. CGI allows for flexibility when adding or altering small details. This type of content creation is also cost-effective and saves time from organising a shooting event. And with the current restrictions in place, it's difficult to bring actors and crew staff in the same place. But a CGI project is easy to organise because it only implies finding the right expert. 

Use platform capabilities to innovate

Depending on what platforms you use for social media advertising and website creation, you can take advantage of some advanced features to market your brand. Some platforms use augmented reality to draw attention to brands and products. If you create your website with Shopify, you can use the platform to make 3D photos for your products. 

Supposing you run a tech-savvy organisation and offer online services that mix reality and digital, you can use these advanced capabilities to allow your clients to test your products via their devices. Home décor and furniture online businesses use AR to project products inside environments that look like their clients' houses before buying them. They provide a wide range of home décor options they can pick from to resemble their spaces. 

The above guidelines can help you hit the jackpot, so dare to be authentic, creative and agile, and deliver your prospects better ad content than your competition.