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Techniques used by online casinos to boost engagement and user retention

The online casino industry has experienced a change from the traditional land. Millennial customers are likely to challenge their earnings from their laptops and smartphones. So, how to promote your online casino effectively? 

There are many effective marketing strategies that can be used to promote your gambling platform. Operatives can use programs, social media, email marketing, and many other techniques to promote their online casino platform. The online casino industry is becoming more and more popular, attracting new players and keeping the existing ones.

According to experts, marketing is an important tool that will positively impact the casino industry in the future. Considering this, businesses in iGaming should use this promotional strategy. Many operators started using real-time marketing techniques to provide consumers the best experience ever. It’s not a secret that players expect continually reliable interactions when they play. Any customer will likely prefer to be treated individually, so they can feel important to the casinos they choose to play at. 

When it comes to player satisfaction, marketing strategies can be retention-related. Improving customer engagement is difficult, but with the right marketing strategies, you’ll provide clients individualized offers, and ensure that they have the best experience on the platform.

Music & sounds

In the past few years, online gambling experienced a huge success. Because of the increasing use of smartphones and computers, gambling rose in popularity exponentially. Popular games, such as online slots machines are becoming enormously preferred by users. People worldwide like to explore classic and fun games with modern features and touches. With the new creative technology available, gaming software designers are prosperous to offer modern tech and fun visualization of the game, beside the engaging music and sound effects. Everything you’ll see on the screens when opening slots at online casinos is similar to art.

Some people consider that online casino games have nothing to do with art, music, or engagement. But this is because some people either didn’t play online casino games, or they didn’t choose the right platform. Software manufacturers are very creative when it comes to designing a slot game. They include modern tech in the game, not forgetting about the aroma of the traditional game. As an example, Vera&John is a platform who expanded their business into music composing for the online slot machines. This platform has a wide variety of game-streaming services designed for the online casino market.

Vera&John business has a great potential to reach more customers in 2021 due to the attractive chance of big wins and tempting rewards, and with new games added each month.


Nowadays, you can find many modern slot games that are very impressive to the viewer’s eyes. Many manufacturers have combined the latest technology to make the gaming experience as attractive as possible. Visualization and background music can have a positive impact on the user experience. Additionally, a lot of slot machines today are created by artistic people. Take as an example Legend of Zeus and Da Vinci Diamonds: these are legendary slots in online gambling websites. These slots are hardly presenting the artistic masterworks on the rolls. 

An excellent graphic execution of online slot games is based on videos or music effects. These can include artistic elements such as Guns N’ Roses online slots machines, Game of Thrones, Motorhead, and so on. Similar to this is Vera&John platform, which contains many slots online that can suit our above example. These slots have an artistic theme which gives the games a modern touch. You can try out your favorite Vera&John games on your mobile app or laptop, whilst enjoying the entertaining ambiance of the platform. 

Intuitive user experience

Great user experience converts into better engagement and income. Online marketing operators should consider creating a profile client and target them with personalized promotions and bonuses. Identifying customer’s needs and desires will help online gambling operators to increase their income and keep their clients engaged. Introducing new menus to the website and suggesting new games in a personalized way according to the client's taste can make a difference. 

Artificial intelligence? It’s a big “YES.” The future of client’s experience is powered by AI and machine learning. All of these combined with a great customer service and long-term customer relationship management (CRM) will offer online gaming companies’ huge opportunities to provide their clients a better customer experience. It’s like gambling industry will predict customer’s behavior and provide them recommendations that fit their tastes best. 

Promotions and bonuses points for players

With the online gambling industry boom, there’s a question that any iGaming producer has in mind: “How to successfully promote your iGaming industry to place yourself as a leader in such a highly competitive market?”. 

A marketing strategy should focus on obtaining new clients, keeping the existing ones, and also encouraging unsatisfied customers who have stopped playing to re-engage in this activity of online gambling. Keeping your existing customers engaged is just as trying to attract new ones. Given the fact that attracting new customers isn’t actually easy, it’s becoming more and more important to use strategies and keep your players engaged. Let’s see some commonly used customer gaining and retention strategies. 


Online gambling businesses should use promotions to attract new customers, retain the existing ones, and re-gain those clients who decided to stop playing. How to use promotions? Launch new games in a way that suits the player's interest, such as offering free spins at slot machines. 

Bonuses points

Let players earn bonuses points as a reward for being active on your gaming website. It is important to create promotions and offer surprises to trigger your client’s desired behavioral change. Promotions can also be offered to new clients as a “welcome” sign, and to encourage them to bet on games. Satisfied customers are likely to remain loyal to the company and gamble more.