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The rise of online casinos marks a new era for the gambling industry

With the global online gambling market estimated at 59 billion U.S. dollars and the prediction it will double in size by 2023, it’s safe to say that the gambling industry is stepping into a new era. Casinos have been around for quite some time, attracting gamblers from every corner of the world, and they remain a great source of entertainment to this day. 

Things have definitely changed over the years and we have the intent to thank for that. Online casinos are becoming more popular by the day, and many feared this would be the end of land-based casinos and the gambling industry as we knew it. While it can’t be denied that the gambling industry is going through certain transformations, traditional casinos are nowhere near going extinct. The rise of the online gambling world has merely marked the start of a new era for the entire industry, and if anything, it managed to take gambling to a whole new level. 

So, let’s take a closer look at the impact of online casinos on the gambling industry and try to understand where things are headed. 


Technology has revolutionized every aspect of our lives, and the glamorous world of casinos makes no exception. The internet took nothing away from the excitement and allure of the live casino experience. What it did was bring the casino environment closer to the people who didn’t have the possibility to gamble live. 

The advent of online casinos made it easier for everyone to gamble whenever and wherever they felt like it. You can stay at home in your pajamas and play away, with zero effort required. All it takes is just a few clicks you can find any type of casino game you want to play, and plenty of casino-related resources, from free Dutch slot and casino games info to casino recommendations and guides on how to win a casino bonus. Easy access means more players, and thus the industry as a whole benefits from it. 

Gambling going mobile 

Statistics reveal that in 2020, the number of mobile users worldwide reached 6.95 billion and the figures will probably rise to 7.41 billion by 2024. With so many people glued to their smartphones all the time, it’s no surprise that the number of mobile gamers has also increased. The gambling industry couldn’t miss such a great opportunity and was quick to take advantage of the rise of mobile gaming. 

It’s been a few years already since the online casino game providers started developing software and apps, allowing them to attract even more customers than before. Now we have a multitude of well performing casino apps that work on every mobile device, making casino games even more tempting for potential gamblers. 

Bonuses and prizes take the lead 

If there’s one thing that makes online casinos highly appealing, apart from comfort and convenience, is the possibility of receiving bonuses every time you play. It’s as simple as visiting their website and you’ll find out all about the promotions that a casino offers

Casino bonus and prizes have become synonymous with online gambling. There’s no denying these special offers bring the gamblers in the house and keep them coming back for more. Whether you choose to play a free Dutch slot game, roulette, poker, blackjack or any other type of game at an online casino, you’ll definitely be rewarded with a bonus every now and then to keep you motivated. 

Safe and varied games 

While some people still have their doubts when it comes to online casino safety, they can rest assured that all the reliable online casino providers make every necessary effort and go to great lengths to ensure the privacy of their customers’ data and the safety of their deposits. There are greater chances of falling victim to a scam while shopping online than when you’re playing a free Dutch slot game at an online casino. 

It’s true that back in the day some online casinos had some shady practices and there were more risks associated with online gambling in general, but right now, the online casino environment provides the same level of safety as land-based casinos. Obviously, players have to do their part if they want to stay on the safe side, and make sure they choose a trustworthy provider before they open an account or make a deposit with them. 

More players both online and offline

The rise of online casinos might have people thinking that players are moving away from traditional casinos and into the virtual realm, but that’s not exactly the case. Some people might have lessened their visits to live casinos in favor of online gambling due to the advantages it offers. But the lure of live casinos is as strong as ever.

That’s because more people are exposed to casino games through online gambling sites, triggering their interest for gambling at land-based casinos as well. People who have never thought about visiting a live casino before, now are curious about the traditional casino experience and are more than willing to give it a try. Therefore, online gambling has created a win-win situation for both environments and that’s another reason why the industry is currently thriving. 

Shifting attitudes towards gambling 

Once upon a time, gambling was not for everyone. Gambling was often considered something only people who have enough money to throw away would do, or a habit that leads to addiction and other unpleasant consequences. That’s until online casinos took off and perceptions around gambling slowly but surely started to change. 

Gambling is no longer regarded as a form of entertainment for the rich. Nowadays, people from all walks of life can enjoy all types of casino games, whether it’s online or at a live casino. The public started to realize you don’t need to spend a fortune to have fun gambling and you don’t have to turn it into a full-time job either. Casual gambling has become a common entertainment method and there’s no doubt more people will embrace it in the future.