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Online Gambling in Colombia – Is it Legal?

Colombia has become the only Latin America with a fully-regulated online gambling market. The South America of Colombia has always had a liberal attitude regarding gambling online. Operators are now legally obligated to have a license before they offer online gambling games to users. Colombians are now free to look for countless casino sites to play. 

However, there are still speculations about gambling in Colombia, and whether it is safe to play or not. To guarantee you will enjoy an excellent gambling experience, the government in Colombia has made sure to fight off all the unregulated gambling sites, blocking those that are not respecting the requirements. With this initiative, Colombia is expanding its portfolio of games through innovative tools and new trends for greater use of new technologies. 

The fight against illegality isn’t an easy task, especially with regard to tech platforms. 

Gambling online in Colombia

Online gambling is a great appeal for Colombians. Now, casinos are providing their users with unforgettable experiences. The most enjoyable slot you will experience in 2021 is in one of Colombia’s most exclusive casinos. But you could either choose to play online. You will find a selection of great games on many websites, such as Colbet casino, or Tragamondas, along far more games than you would think. The popular ones are blackjack, poker, baccarat, slots, and roulette. Colombians are thrilled about the fact that the government allowed them to gamble from anywhere in the world. According to a review in 2019, almost 70% of Colombians went to casinos to gamble or placed online bets. This could be the answer to many people’s question “Why is gambling so popular in Colombia?”.

How gambling in Colombia was regulated

Colombia’s E-gaming new regulations impose a 15% charge on gross gaming locations where the expected return to the player is the same or higher than 83%. Operators are also required to pay a fixed annual tax of $200,000. Many Latin American countries compete with European markets to have legislation changed to the needs of operators, clients, and state. Coljuegos is the regulatory gambling agency that authorized operators to market their new games of chance and luck in Colombian online gaming markets. Therefore, look for the best licensed casino in Colombia, such as Colbet casino, and you will enjoy playing at many slot machines, blackjack, roulette, bingo, baccarat, sports betting, and other interesting virtual games. Colombia is an inventor in regulating online gambling. In relative to Latin America, it was the primary country that regulated online gambling. 

Is gambling legal in Colombia? 

South American has a beautiful gaming history. As mentioned already, Colombia is the only country in Latin America that fully-regulated the online gambling market. Coljuegos regulated the Colombian gaming market in June 2017 to protect Colombian gamblers and guarantee them confidentiality of all their transactions. In November 2017, Coljuegos delivered a verdict, which fundamentally authorized live casino games, amongst which baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. According to experts, this made the Colombian market a lot more competitive, globally speaking. But now, only licensed online gambling operators will be able to deliver live games, such as Tragamondas. So, yes, gambling is perfectly legal in Colombia. 

Colombia’s gambling history

Around the world, people describe Colombia as the “Cocaine Capital in South America''. The world’s most powerful and dangerous drug dealer, Pablo Escobar alias “El Chapo”, labeled Colombia as the country for making, dealing, and selling drugs. But now, Colombia is gaining more reputation, and moving away from its name as a drug country. The country has made significant efforts so casinos can function safely and regularly. The law in Colombia has made it clear that casinos may only function in special venues that have a main activity: gambling. Any online casino website that doesn’t follow the requirements as presented will be blocked. The Colombian Egaming industry has a wide variety of rules governing online money gaming activities, such as poker, casino games, sports betting, Tragamondas, Colbet casino, etc. 

Although gambling struggled with uncertainty for many years, even after it was legalized, now, it became a much more relaxing and enjoyable activity for Colombians. Many forms of gambling, such as sports betting, bingos, poker, etc., are now authorized and the operators have licensed by the Coljuegos board. There are around 87 casinos throughout Colombian’s cities. Bogota is the largest gambling city, with 24 gambling venues, while Casino Rio Pereira being the largest one. The other gambling facilities and casinos are located in:

  • Pereira
  • Bucaramanga
  • Cali
  • Cucuta
  • Barranquilla
  • Soledad
  • Cartagena
  • Cartago
  • Medellin
  • Armenia

Types of Casinos in Colombia 

Similar to other casinos around the world, most of the Colombian casinos are attached to big hotels. But gambling in Colombia is more than just casinos: there are many gambling venues that offer only gambling activities, such as bingo, poker, live poker, sports betting, lotteries, etc. Eventually, slots are the most common games in Colombia. 

Facts about casinos in Colombia 

  • Just as in most nations where gambling is legal, in Colombia, citizens and tourists along must be 18 years old or older. 
  • The law in Colombia allows Colombians to fully bet on local football games.
  • Colombia is the country in South America with most casinos and gambling locations. 
  • Bogota is the largest city with 24 gambling locations.
  • Colombia has 32 gambling departments, and 15 of them have their own regional lottery. 
  • The largest casino in Colombia is called “Casino Rio Pereira”, located in Pereira, and has at least 410 machines and 20 “Juegos de mesa” (table games). 
  • There are many slot machines built before 1952, but not for commercials. You can only see them in exhibitions. 
  • 325 websites providing unlicensed online gambling were blocked by the Coljuegos in March 2017.

Colombia has been through years of chaos until it became a great example for South American countries. Now, online gambling in Colombia is fully-permitted, and indeed it has a positive story for gamblers across the world.