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5 strategies to promote your online casino to the Japanese audience

 Expanding your online casino to the Japanese market? Here's what you should know about marketing your website to the Japanese players! This article explores five strategies to promote your online casino in Japan. 

It's never been easier than today to expand a business into international markets as we've entered the era of e-commerce for a few years now. However, cutting and pasting your copy onto an overseas website is definitely not enough and won't bring you the same results you get in your domestic location. 

Marketing in a foreign country requires a better and intimate understanding of your new buyers and local market trends. First of all, there's a language barrier that you need to consider. Next, there are the cultural differences that make the difference between what strategies are effective and which aren't for that specific target audience. What's more, in a foreign market, even the marketing channels can differ based on the audience's preferences.

Now, if you're planning to expand and promote your online casino in the Japanese market, you've made a great choice. Why? Because online gambling is a flourishing industry in Japan. While land-based traditional casinos are still non-existent in the country, and the authorities highly regulate gambling when it comes to online gambling, there are no laws or restrictions that can prevent Japanese players from gambling with foreign online casino providers. 

But there are plenty of Japanese online casino providers out there. So, how do you make sure you stand out from the crowd and attract Japanese players to your website? We have five strategies to help you make your online casino famous in this new market. 

Conduct market research

Suppose you didn't conduct market research by now. You need to do it ASAP. Without comprehensive market research is almost impossible to be successful in a new market.

Much of successful international marketing is about doing your homework. And that is conducting market research to understand better the market, audience, competitors, trends, and all other apparently unessential details that will actually make the difference between successful and failed advertising. 

Market research in Japan will help you understand many relevant things, including: 

  • Your target audience (what are their needs and preferences when it comes to online gambling. For example, you'll learn what casino games they like the most such as slot games or live casino games).
  • Your competitors (there are many online casino providers in Japan. Some, such as Vera and John casino, are really popular in the country and have an established presence. However, at first, your direct competitors would be other foreign online casino sites. Find out more about your competitors to learn from their mistakes and successes. For example, Vera and John casino blog can help you understand the type of content that works best for Japanese players).
  • Best marketing strategies (you'll learn where and how to promote your casino to the Japanese audience). 
  • Cultural differences (different things have different meanings in many cultures. You need to understand a country's culture to know how to do effective marketing without creating any major cultural misunderstanding). 

Create a website that suits your target audience

Once you gain all the insights into the Japanese online gambling market, it's time to expand your business here. 

Since your offering is made of online casino games, you'll have to start with creating a website that Japanese players can access to get your services. Well, even if you already have a website for other markets, tailor the interface Japanese players will see to the culture and language here. 

Create content in Japanese and adapt it to what Japanese players find engaging. Use the right keywords, provide the right offers and bonuses, such as Vera & John casino bonus is tailored to this audience's needs, and provide customer support that actually helps Japanese players (hire Japanese speaker customer support employees, provide a local phone number, etc.)  

Work with a local SEO expert

SEO may work a bit differently in Japan than in your domestic country. That's because search results differ in each country, the keywords used for search enquires can be different, and because although Google is a search engine giant everywhere around the world, there may also be some local search engines that are more popular in that specific country. 

In Japan, data shows that 75.3% of Internet users use Google as a search engine. However, Yahoo! Japan(20.55%) and Bing(3.48%) are also frequently used by many Japanese users. 

Use social media

Here's something really important to know: Japanese Internet users spend an average of about 45 minutes a day on social media. What's more, 74% of the Japanese Internet population, about 86 million people, consume online videos. 

With these stats in mind, you should be able to understand what type of social media content works best for Japanese players. Similarly, you should also deduct that video-sharing apps like Instagram or YouTube are the most popular in the country. 

Do your research on the country's advertising regulations and laws regarding online gambling and develop a social media marketing strategy for your online casino. 

Important tip: Don’t forget to use the local language to better engage Japanese players! 

Develop an influencer marketing strategy

Speaking of social media, influencer marketing should also be part of your overall marketing strategy.  

No matter where you advertise in the world, using influencers in your strategy is a very smart move these days. Influencers have gained a lot of traction over the past few years in the entire world. Every country has some Instagram or YouTube personalities whom they follow and trust with their recommendations. 

You can find Japanese influencers in various fields. Look or influencers in the technology or gaming industry so that their audiences are relevant to your business, and partner with them for promotion.