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Online casinos in Colombia are getting ahead. Can the rest of the world keep up?

Online casinos are becoming just as quick and easy to access as any other website. With a vast range of options, you don’t have to search far and wide to find one that meets your needs. Colombia is one of the many countries in Latin America to say yes to online casino gambling. Given that it’s legally approved, Colombian players don’t necessarily have to register with online casinos operating outside of the country, which are willing to accept bets in pesos and other currencies. Therefore, games such as slots and poker can be played in Colombia without much difficulty, but it’s done mostly through local websites like Codere Casino. Many are interested in investing in the local markets, so several jurisdictions are taking into account the possibility of legalizing gambling. 

Online casinos in Colombia always seem to be ahead of the game. This sector of activity continues to innovate and make staggering technological advancements. The use of technology will certainly bring about dramatic change in the online casino industry, which is keen on evolving and providing a better experience for everyone involved. Understanding the needs of the players has helped ensure that many of them remain at the top. Colombia has slowly but surely advanced through the years, becoming a prime example for South American countries when it comes down to gambling legislation and providing a good gaming experience. 

Even new players can enjoy casino games with ease. Online casinos with slots are the most popular ones. There are juegos de tragamonedas de casino para todos los aficionados. Colombian players, even though they have an affinity for tragamonedas, don’t refuse the games of the modern millennia, such as Ricky & Morty and Buffalo Blitz. Many gambling operators offer their services to Colombian players, who are able to safely deposit and withdraw funds, not to mention enjoy top-quality casino games, ranging from table games to sports betting. Those with a particular taste will no doubt find what they’re looking for. 

So, what are the most interesting changes on the pipeline? 

Augmented and virtual reality 

Augmented and virtual reality can provide the most immersive experiences as far as Internet gambling is concerned. Players can enjoy the game with others within a realistic environment. Basically, they get a taste of what it’s like to be in a traditional casino and engage with a dealer. Online casinos that are designed for augmented and virtual reality ensure a realistic gaming experience with the help of one-of-a-kind glasses. Newgioco Group subsidiary Virtual Generation became the first supplier to be approved to offer such content in the regulated Colombian iGaming market. 

A variety of game selections with bonus offers and other perks 

The game selection is very important in assessing an online casino operator in Colombia. The scene is constantly evolving and new innovations emerge each year. The best web-based gambling establishments make available a wide array of games and an abundance of bonuses and other offers. These days, they partner up with reputable software providers. The outcome is that players can enjoy the best games, from the comfort of their homes. If you’re curious to know what games gamblers prefer, other than slots (tragamonedas), check out the following list: 

  • Roulette 
  • Blackjack 
  • Poker 
  • Keno 
  • Baccarat

All in all, the game portfolio is the main tool of an online casino. Codere Casino, el sitio de apuestas líder del mercado colombiano, enjoys a better customer flow because it adds new games based on player preference, which positively impacts the presence on the website. As mentioned earlier, only very few Colombian players are obsessed with slot games. 

Live dealers where there’s less need for fancy imagery and effects

Our interest has recently been drawn to live dealers, which represent the latest online gaming product. The games are played with a human dealer instead of a computer. They can be accessed via a live streaming video link, in real-time from a casino table. It’s the closest thing that anyone can get to a brick and mortar casino experience. The action, which can be viewed on HD devices, can be streamed to the PC or phone. Players can communicate with one another using the chat function.  The implementation of live dealers is beneficial to the Colombian online gambling industry because it enhances the overall player experience. 

Player profiling: Types of casino players in Colombia 

Online casinos have changed the Colombian gambling industry since they first became available to the public. While there are countless advances, some factors remain unchanged. We’re talking about the players, who keep the casinos alive. Colombians actively take part in casino games to win, to obtain a new identity, or to get away from their problems. These are the main reasons why people continue to try their luck at online casinos. Coljuegos, the regulatory body, makes great efforts to promote transparency within the industry, so that people can enjoy responsible gaming. The aim is to eliminate the negative associations with the sphere of gambling. 

Now, let’s take a look at the main types of online casino players: 

  • Professionals – Professionals play responsibly, which means that they don’t make rash or emotional decisions. They make the right bets when playing at an online casino. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that professional gamblers aren’t addicts. They are simply players who know what they’re doing. 
  • Extremely careful players – These online casino players enjoy the thrill of the game, yet they’re not willing to spend great amounts of money. For them, living in the moment doesn’t translate into running up a tab for the future. Entertainment is the goal and it doesn’t require too many funds. 
  • Intuition gamblers – Intuition isn’t necessarily a factor in gambling success. Nevertheless, many players trust their gut and don’t rely on strategies or recommendations. It’s believed that their wins are merely a coincidence. 

Oh, and let’s not forget about novice players, who play any games, including slots. For them, building skills is really important. Even if they’re not experienced, these players have a much more pleasant experience.