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Why are Japanese so Into Online Gaming?

In recent years, live online gaming, particularly gambling, has become the norm in countries like Japan. While laws around gambling are still foggy in many ways, most Japanese hard hitters have found a way to indulge their excitement of live casino games online.  

From live poker games to live blackjack and roulette, the Japanese are great fans of this incredible and exciting way to bring the thrill of the casino into your home. 

In this post, we will take an in-depth look at Japan's passion for live casino games and where this streams from, as well as how the industry may continue to grow and evolve in the coming years. 

Japan's Gambling Culture 

If there's something we can be certain about, it's that Japan has got an ample gambling culture, which is surprising given its stringent gambling laws. 

Much as many countries the world over, the online gambling scene has witnessed growth as well. 

Gamers sign up for a web casino since they can play for higher winning chances and bigger bonuses. There are even multiple platforms dedicated to helping the novice and curious navigate the world of entertainment and sports in Japan. As a subsidiary of internet gaming, online gambling has also soared in popularity in Japan. 

When it all started? By 1980, Japan was pioneering the games console market with the renowned Atari. 

Although they may sound somewhat basic today, back then, games like Space Invaders, Pong, and Pac-Man were seen as a tremendous technological advance, and people across the globe were enthralled.   

Nowhere did the console fame take off better than in Japan, where millions of people supported the Atari and its competitor Super Nintendo and Sega consoles. 

Some of the most iconic and best-selling games of all time originate in Japan, including Zelda, Super Mario, and Hedgehog. 

With this core for understanding the Japanese love for all things technology and gaming, it makes sense that they were just as captivated with online gaming. 

That said, it's not such a great leap from the success of gaming in Japan to the huge demand for online casino games and, in particular live casino games.   

The IR Bill 

The Integrated Resorts Implementation from 2018 was a great milestone for Japan and the gambling world. Going beneath the weight of a population soaked through with pachinko enthusiasm and the likely wealth which the gambling market promises, this country finally paved the way to a future where legal casinos may be built on their land. 

The IR Bill's most valuable accompaniment so far has been the establishment of a Japanese casino management commission. The commission board was set up in January of 2020 when the first permits were initially expected to have been given; its main objective – aside from over the counter and safe setting up of casinos – is to reduce gambling addiction, which a considerable number of Japanese people already struggle with as a result of Pachinko.

Though the IR Bill was an encouraging and innovative step in Japanese history, its real effects may not come into play for some time. Added Shinzo Abe's resignation as a prime minister in September 2020 and the hitting of the pandemic, the IR Bill has been somewhat delayed. 

Everyone assumed that the first casinos would hit the ground this year, but it has now been made clear that this will take place no earlier than the year 2025. 

Currently, the dominant Pachinko continues its duty in providing the Japanese people with the thrill of the bet; at the same time, the IR Bill is very much a reality, and even though its physical application has been hindered, the country is sure to welcome its first establishments sooner than anybody would have imagined years back.

Why Are Most Japanese Choosing Online Casinos?

One of the few things that Japanese hard hitters can bet on is horse racing, and this is available on most online platforms. Not only that, but it has proved to be tremendous gateway entertainment that has, over the last few years, seen many new players try their luck at other online casino games on the same platforms.

Many of the best online casinos with roulette are now making a heroic effort to comprehend the Japanese audience's mentality and change the design of their games accordingly. For instance, there are numerous casino platforms that are accepting only Japanese players. That helps them feel more comfortable with the overall process and gradually makes them play more games. As such, Japan's love for online gaming leads to more casino game prospects opening up.  

An important part of this changing attitude is that gambling businesses are simplifying the entire sign-up and gaming process.

Mostly, Japanese people don't like giving out their personal credentials and even less so using their credit cards online.

Interestingly, cash still reigns supreme across Japanese society, and it's a puzzling pattern to break. To encourage the process of online gambling acceptance, many casino operators offer luxury goods and give cash bonuses, clothing, and holidays as well. There are also numerous rewards for signing up, simply because Japanese people are shy about their habit, and it's challenging to get them to input their personal details into a website.

Players in the west are used to being asked their information on an almost daily basis when going online. But not in Japan -that's a rare occurrence. To overcome this constraint and break into the lucrative Japanese market, both Japanese and western gaming companies rely on these special bonuses.

Japanese gamers love to enjoy live games of blackjack, roulette, and poker, just like punters in the West. Overall, the online and live casino gaming look set to continue as the lawmakers weigh the possibility of embracing the national gambling industry with the IR Bill.