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Playing online casino games on your smartphone is just as great as being at a Colombian casino in-person

Colombia’s gambling industry has undergone considerable modernization in the last few years, having legalized and regulated specific activities. In 2016 the Colombian government enacted the eGaming Act, which not only makes online gambling legal but also sports betting. The economic reactivation of this sector is based on several aspects, namely the reopening of land-based casinos with increased safety protocols, emergency financial aid, tariffs to reductions, and, last but not least, interest-free payment agreements for operators. 

Visiting a traditional casino is a social experience that you wouldn’t want to miss. You get the opportunity to meet new people who share the same interests, goals, and norms, so you’ll find it easy to spark a conversation. Nevertheless, the social interaction isn’t limited to in-person conversations. Many casino games are formed around interactive elements, such as communicating with the team. Poker is one such example. If you head on over to Colombia, you’re indeed in luck because there are several great places where you can play casino games, including but not limited to Casino Rio, Casino El Dorado, and Rockefeller Casino. 

Online casinos are surely but surely taken over the gamboling world 

Traditional casinos in Colombia have a thrilling, real-life atmosphere. Nevertheless, many people today prefer online casinos. The Internet and social media have facilitated gambling opportunities via the phenomenal growth of web-based gambling establishments. The result is that people are increasingly exposed to gaming-related content and enticed to play. The question now is: Are online casinos better than real ones? Well, they mayn’t be better, but online casinos are just as good as the real deal. Just think about it. Playing games at an online casino is just as great as being at a Colombian casino in-person. If you don’t believe us, just try it. 

For those of you who don’t know, slots are popular with Colombia’s population. It’s estimated that there are more than 3200 slot parlors, bingo halls, and casinos in Colombia, slots being the preferred game. All slot machines are connected to the government server, which means that gambling activities are monitored in real-time. Colombia has witnessed an influx of new online casinos, which have shifted the landscape for the better. These online casinos offer locals the chance to juega a las máquinas de tragamonedas, slots online más divertidas del momento

People can play at any time of the day against any name. New players receive a sign-up bonus, which allows them to spin the reels for free; there’s no need to credit real money to the account. Online casino providers make available a wide array of entertaining games. Some examples are: 

  • Poker 
  • Blackjack
  • Bingo 
  • Roulette 
  • Baccarat 

Interestingly, new types of games will be offered to Colombian players soon enough. That’s something to look forward to. The gambling regulator Coljuegos affirmed that it will allow casino brands to include live games in their portfolio commercial establishments operating localized games are required to meet the technical requirements established by Coljuegos. The best online casinos have a multitude of games, variations and table stakes, not to mention mobile support. 

Is it more convenient to play in online casinos from mobile devices? Why, yes 

Mobile gaming isn’t new, but it’s only recently that it has gained widespread acceptance. Gone are the days when desktop was the only choice in terms of playing casino games. These days, it’s possible to play games such as slots on your iOS or Android phone without much difficulty. The game can be downloaded from the Internet or played online. Browser play is similar to computer play in the sense that the game is played in real-time and the winnings are instantly transferred to your account. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that the quality of the gameplay can be limited if the website isn’t mobile-friendly. 

Mobile phones have made it easier for Colombians to enjoy and access the games of online casinos. When you play a game like roulette over the Internet, you can use several buttons to control the game. Speaking of which, you can play juegos de ruleta gratís online y también llamados juegos on the go. Smartphones have a fast, reliable and convenient data connection, so there are no issues in terms of progress. Even if your connection is somehow interrupted, you can resume gameplay as soon as the signal comes back. You can win big jackpots, not to mention that you can enjoy your favorite games on your mobile device, whether smartphone or tablet. 

Casio games designed for mobile devices are exquisite, which is possible thanks to HTML 5 technology that enables the games in question to run on any device. The games optimize their user interface and features based on the device that’s currently deployed. The experience is very much like the one provided by land-based casinos. Players have the option to stay for another round or quit the game, if that’s what they want to do. The vast majority of people are used to touchscreens, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that mobile gaming is so popular. Gambling via PC may be the main choice, but all that’s going to change soon. 

If you’ve never attempted to play slots on your mobile device, you’ll be impressed with the graphics and gameplay experience. Software developers are struggling to secure their place in the marketplace and the outcome is that they provide incredible extras, prizes, and bonuses to encourage people to keep on playing. Even if there’s a power outage, you can gamble easily. That’s because you don’t depend on the main electricity supply. You can play while others can’t even turn on their TVs. 

If you’d like to play mobile slots, make sure to choose an online Colombian casino that offers them. Opt for a reliable website, especially if you’re planning on using real money. Besides an active, visible license, a mobile casino should have the newest games and provide a good withdrawal and deposit function. To sum up, there’s not much of a difference between online and mobile platforms; it all depends on your preference, just so you know.