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Understanding why online roulette is in the mainstream

Roulette is one of the most sought-after casino games that has charmed players worldwide for centuries. Why? Why do people love it so much? It's a simple but exciting game that allows gamblers to socialize and connect with people who share the same passion. Everyone who stepped inside a casino tried it at least once, so it has to be more than the thrill of spinning the wheel that attracts so many individuals. 

How did roulette come to be? Several stories are associated with the game's first appearance, and all agree that it was first played in 18th century France, and from there, it quickly spread across the world. As the game became available on all continents, people adapted it to match their particular preferences, and this is why nowadays we have several variations from which to choose. Roulette variations have the purpose of accommodating local players' habits because casino providers want to offer their audiences something exclusive and new.  

Online casinos also include roulette in their list of games, and because they operate in a competing industry, they have to create unique and interesting versions to stand out. The basic rules remain the same when I play my favorite casino bonus, the croupier leads the game and introduces all players to what is happening. They control the board where gamblers place the bets and decide when the bets are closed. Playing online isn't different from playing in a brick-and-mortar facility because it provides the same services or even more if you count the bonuses you get only online. When the ball settles, the winner is announced. 

So, is roulette a popular casino game only because you can play it both online and offline? Well, we can pinpoint more reasons why it earned this reputation for itself. 

It's enigmatic and luring at the same time

The alluring side of roulette is that no one can virtually predict which number is going to come out, no matter if you play it online or in a land-based casino. This game is highly unpredictable, and this is why people love it so much, they basically play against their own luck. The less they can control something, the more enthusiasts they are to play it because maybe, just maybe, they manage to beat the odds. With every game they play, their enthusiasm grows, and drama adds to each spin because they hold their breath as it spins around and around, and the ball jumps from one number to another or from a color to another. 

It's convenient and comfortable

There's nothing more comfortable than playing casino games from the comfort of your house. But even if you choose to visit a brick-and-mortar facility, roulette is still one of the most convenient and comfortable games because it allows you to sit comfortably on your chair while you wait for the roulette machine to end its spin and reveal the lucky number. 

When you register on a website, you can play roulette 24/7, sitting in your living room and sipping a glass of vine dressed in your favorite pajama. Online casinos also have a wide variety of roulette games, so you can try multiple variations and decide which one you like the most. If you're an introvert and you don't want to interact with other players, but you love gambling, placing the bets in an online casino may be the best option for you. 

It comes in many entertaining variations

As stated before, because people play it worldwide, operators had to create versions that address isolated groups' preferences. So, when you step into an establishment or register on a website, you can pick from an extensive list of roulette games. Here are the most popular versions.

French roulette – many gamblers think the French version is the world wide favorite casino game roulette. But it wouldn't be wrong to say that French roulette is one of the most popular casino games because it dates back to the French revolution and has a special table layout compared to the other options. According to the strategy they prefer, each gambler puts their chips on the table (they can choose black or red numbers, pairs or unpairs, and manque or passe). This game has the low numbers from 1 to 18 and the high ones from 19 to 36. The croupier is in charge of the game, and they decide when the betting is closed and manage the wheel. Gamblers like this version because they have a second chance to win if they place on an outside bet and the ball hits zero. Using this strategy, they can recover half of the money. 

American roulette – this game is special because the wheel contains a zero and a double zero, both colored in green, and placed on opposite sides, which means the wheel has 38 numbers compared to the French one that has 36. The game, first developed in Atlantic City, also includes a special rule, the players are allowed to surrender. This means that they can keep half of the outside bet when the ball lands on zero. The table's layout is also unique because outside bets are organized in two rows on the side of the table. 

European roulette – European roulette is the most popular roulette game in online casinos, mainly because European providers own them and promote this version as being the most thrilling one. The wheel has 26 numbers plus one zero, and the numbers alternate in black and red, while zero is placed on a green spot. It's a combination of the French and American roulette variations because the table is inspired from the American one, while the wheel is identical to the French one. When it comes to odds, it's in the middle between the two. This option isn't very popular in land-and-brick establishments because it doesn't have a partage or en prison rule. 

Besides these three variations, all casinos have many other options because they have different preferences and always want to explore new games. 

If these reasons aren't enough to name roulette one of the most loved casino games in the industry, we should mention that it also provides a big payout and great odds. So, what are you waiting for?