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Discover the most popular online casino games in Colombia

It’s quite obvious that in recent years online casino games have grown in popularity all over the world. It’s enough to consult some statistics to understand the magnitude of the internet gambling phenomenon. The global online gambling industry is currently valued at almost 59 billion U.S. dollars, and it is expected to reach more than 90 billion U.S. dollars by 2023. Not bad for a market that hasn’t been around for that long. 

But the online casino environment differs from country to country. While online gambling is prohibited in certain regions of the world, some countries have made impressive progress in the area and managed to regulate the online gambling market on their territory. Colombia is one of those countries that stand out from the rest when it comes to online casinos. In 2016, Colombia became a role model as the first country in Latin America with a fully regulated online gambling environment.

Colombia’s success gave rise to a thriving online casino market where players can enjoy all types of online casino games from slots to ruleta and everything in between, having complete peace of mind. People in Colombia already had a passion for gambling, as casino games were always a very popular form of entertainment here. But since the eGaming Act was adopted in 2016 and El Consejo Nacional de Juegos de Suerte y Azar (Coljuegos) replaced ETESA, becoming the gambling regulator in Colombia, online gambling became all the more appealing. First of all because people now have the opportunity to play online casino games legally, so the stigma around online casino games was removed. Secondly, the newly regulated online casino environment attracted major gaming operators like Sportium to the market, providing a wide variety of quality online casino games for all types of players.

That being said, the online casino experience in Colombia is definitely special. And as you’d expect, Colombians have specific tastes when it comes to online gambling. Although there are thousands of games available on the market, they’re not created equal. Some online casino games are more popular than others. So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular online casino games in Colombia and see what they have to offer. 


If there’s one online casino game that shines brighter than all the rest, that would be slots. Colombian players simply love slot games, and they’re definitely spoiled for choice. It can’t be denied that slots dominate the online gaming environment currently and things aren’t likely to change in the future. Every reputable casino operator in Colombia offers an impressive range of online slot games for all tastes and budgets. 

Most providers focus on developing new and innovative slots, so it’s no wonder people are so drawn to this type of games. That also means there’s a variety of gaming styles players can choose from, depending on their personal preferences. It’s also important to note that most operators provide a free demo mode, so you can try slot games for free before you decide if you want to play for real money or not. 


Blackjack has always been a favorite in the casino world, especially in the land-based casino environment. The advent of the internet and the rise of the online gambling industry also brought it into the limelight as one of the most popular online casino games. 

There are many reasons why Colombians search for the top sites to play online blackjack. But probably the strongest motivation comes from the fact that blackjack is one of the games with the highest return to player rates in the online gambling environment. The prospect of winning big money is what makes online blackjack so appealing, placing it at the top of players’ preferences. 


This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning roulette games. Roulette is almost synonymous with the casino world, and people’s passion for a good game of roulette also found its way into the online realm. There’s not a single reputable casino provider in Colombia that doesn’t offer a great variety of roulette titles for their clients. Most sites will attract players with games of Mini Roulette or Double Ball Roulette to keep things interesting and make the casino experience more thrilling. 

The perks of playing online casino games in Colombia 

Now that we’ve talked about the most popular online casino games in Colombia, it might be a good idea to discuss the advantages that online casino games provide as well, and they are plenty. Big operators like Sportium know exactly what people expect from them, so they strive to give them the best possible casino experience. Here are some of the benefits online casinos offer. 


Like we’ve mentioned earlier, online operators in Colombia give players the possibility to choose from a varied range of casino games. Each and every site is brimming with attractive casino games, so there’s really no reason to settle for an average game when there are so many options out there. With a quick search on google and a bit of research, you’ll be able to find the best casino games, from slots and blackjack to roulette, poker and more. 


There’s one ingredient that can make the online casino experience much more exciting, and that’s casino bonuses. Colombian casino providers are well aware of that and they know how to lure players with tempting welcome bonuses. Apart from welcome bonuses, players are also rewarded with other types of bonuses like free spins that make them come back for more. 


Online casino games are indeed easy to play, but every now and then players require assistance to help them navigate casino sites, open accounts or find out additional information about the operator and the options it provides. That’s why customer support is so important for all online casino websites. Fortunately, Colombian operators don’t neglect this aspect and provide players with excellent customer support, giving them one extra reason to choose online casino games over land-based establishments.