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Explaining a hype: Why is blackjack so popular at Colombian casinos?

If you’re searching for one of the most popular gambling destinations, look no further than Colombia. Everything is going on strong in terms of nightlife. Plus, you can enjoy all the games and low stakes you’d expect from Vegas casinos. One thing you can count on is the fact that Colombia has very strict gambling regulations. The gaming industry is well-regulated across the country by Coljuegos. At present, the gambling industry, which integrates online and offline activities, is a respected source of tax income. Coljuegos disclosed back in 2019 that the total tax revenue amounted to OL$ 680 million (€185,000), most of the funds being distributed to health services. 

Colombia is the only nation in Latin America that has fully regulated the online gambling world, driven not by technology or law but culture.

The outcome is that there is thriving legalized gambling in Colombia. Now, players have access to legal and regulated sites. Playing online casino games is largely considered better than going to land-based gambling establishments. The payout ratios are very high, not to say that apps make gaming more flexible. Most online casinos have their own apps, which enable sports betting as well. CODERE is one such example. Anyway, the industry of iGaming continues to grow, so the future prospect for the country’s industry looks promising enough. 

Blackjack happens to be the most popular casino game in Colombia 

At first Colombian casinos were permitted to offer only certain games, after some time they were allowed to offer different kinds of games, related by similar gameplay characteristics. The most popular games at casinos are slots, roulette, poker, and blackjack. Speaking of which, blackjack enjoys lots of popularity in online gambling sites in Colombia. It probably has something to do with the fact that blackjack is the only mathematically beatable game in a casino. Counting cards might turn out to be helpful, but keep in mind that you can be banned from a gambling establishment if you’re caught in the act. It’s not possible to count cards at an online casino because you don’t know if the deck has been reshuffled or not. 

There are lots of reasons why people love blackjack. If you’re not content with being a mere spectator, don’t hesitate to get in the game. Numerous online casinos include blackjack in their offer. Online blackjack is superior to live blackjack because the rules are in your favor. If you’re not familiar with the intricacies involved, don’t worry because there are guides for newbies. If you need powerful reasons to try online blackjack instead of playing at the casino, keep on reading. 

  • It has a house edge, which is lower than 1% - The house edge represents the statistical advantage offered by the casino to the player. Generally speaking, casino games gave a fixed house edge, which is to the casino’s advantages. With blackjack, it’s a completely different story. More exactly, the player has a higher chance of winning. The mathematical expectation is to lose $1. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that the exact edge depends on the rules. If you follow a perfect strategy, you can keep your losses to a minimum. 
  • You’re in charge of decision-making - When playing blackjack, you’re in complete control. As soon as the cards are dealt, you have to make your move. It doesn’t matter if you hit, stand, or split, you must be proactive. How and why to make certain blackjack decisions depends entirely on your bankroll, how much time you can afford to spend at the online casino, and the number of players at the table. 
  • It’s a super-fast-paced casino game – There are two approaches to playing casino games: passive and aggressive play. Blackjack instills an aggressive style of play, meaning that you have to be alert at all times, no matter if you play at full or nearly full table. Given the rise of online gambling, a wider range of blackjack games has been brought forward. You’re not likely to experience a sense of boredom because everything happens so fast. 

If you’re a fan of the casino classic blackjack, learn how to play the game online  

Blackjack is an online casino game that offers good odds, so losing is quite out of the ordinary. The rules are simple, the gameplay is exciting, and there’s an opportunity for high strategy. Select a good online casino from the very get-go, otherwise, the strategies that you’ve been studying will turn out to be useless. Colombian online casinos offer a wide range of free games (in plain and simple Spanish: casinos online colombianos ofrecen gran variedad de juegos gratis), including blackjack. At a web-based gambling establishment such as CODERE Casino, you can play your favorite game. If you’ve ever played blackjack in-person, it’s not necessary to go over the rules. 

No matter if you’re playing online or at a land-based casino, the sum of your cards has to be equal to 21. If you add up by mistake more than 21 with the cards you’re dealt, that’s called a bust. To be more precise, you’re automatically excluded from the game.

As online casinos offer different variants of the game, it’s important to closely look at the table. If the table pays blackjack at 3 to 2, you stand to make more money in the long-run. Understand how the table works and opt for the most advantageous variant. To be more precise, don’t randomly pick a blackjack game. 

Keep in mind that in order to play blackjack, you have to be of legal gambling age. The minimum legal age to gamble in Colombia is 18 years. To be able to play blackjack over the Internet you have to create an account at an online casino like CODERE. Playing online is different as compared to using a casino app. Not all the features of the online casino desktop will be available on the app. Do your homework and see if you can play your favorite game on mobile.