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Why do Colombians prefer online casino games? Gambling enthusiasts can play slots online for real money legally now

Online gambling is quite convenient, and its popularity is growing daily. People from Colombia are embracing new online resources daily where they can play casino games for fun, and if they're lucky, they can even boost their income. 

Nowadays, casino games are played on a big level, and this is why Colombians turned to online venues when they could no longer visit land-based facilities. In other words, online casinos are some of the best sources of enjoyment and entertainment that provide them with happiness when they play different games. Many Colombians register on websites and play slot games or other traditional casino games to spend their time productively. 

Is online gambling legal in Colombia?

Colombians are no strangers to websites like pagamonedas that offer information about online gambling and Internet-based casinos that allow them to enjoy their favourite activity. What differentiates them from other Latin Americans is that Colombia made progress in regulating the online gambling market. Even if there wasn't a ban before, online gambling was considered illegal before 2016 when the government created the eGaming act that provided a framework for legal and regulated websites and introduced a tax of 15% on gross revenue. Colombia set an example for the other Latin American countries, being the first in the region to regulate online casino games. 

The new legislation protects the players and provides income for the government. With the introduction of licensed online gambling venues, the government also tries to stop players from accessing unlicensed and unreliable ones. 

Casino operators must obtain a license from Coljuegos if they want to operate in Colombia. As a result, the casino industry in Colombia is thriving, and many international casinos are entering the Colombian market and offering the locals access to slot machines and table games. 

The perks of playing online casino games

Now Colombians can engage in online gambling knowing that they don't do anything illegal. This gives them peace of mind when they visit a resource like pagamonedas and motivates them to research to understand how to play each game and acquire skills they can put to the test. 

Because Coljuegos, the Colombian gambling authority, created a set of regulations and rules to stop illegal gambling activities and unfair practices, people can now gamble in a safe environment. The government adopted the regulations in 2016, and Colombia became the first country in the region to have a regulated online gambling market. 

Coljuegos monitors all casino-related activities and ensures all operators respect the regulations and rules. It also provides guidelines to keep the public informed and updated with the latest legal requirements. When someone wants to start with casino games and doesn't know how to pick a trustworthy casino operator, they check the Coljuegos' guidelines and also visit an online gambling resource like Pagamonedas that provides them with information about the market and gambling strategies. 

The set of laws and regulations created a safe gambling environment, and people no longer have to worry about their deposits and personal data because they know that the operators take all the needed security measures to protect them. 

Now that the gambling market is fully regulated, many providers are applying for a license, which is great news for gamblers because they can access a wider variety of games. They can enjoy from slots to table games like baccarat, roulette, poker, and blackjack. Also, because the market is more competitive than before, providers are motivated to create high-quality games to attract and retain clients. The gambling market in Colombia is one of the fastest evolving, and enthusiasts are taking advantage of this trend's many benefits. 

Colombians' favourite casino games


Slots are some of the most popular casino games, and it was only a matter of time until online operators found a way to create a digital form.

Now gambling enthusiasts can play slots online for real money from the comfort of their houses. The experience is similar to when they visit a brick-and-mortar facility, and they have access to more variations because game designers can play with more themes when they create slot games. They can create a story to catch the player's attention and combine storytelling with playing games to keep them engaged and playing for a longer time. Digital slots can be played on multiple devices, making them the perfect gambling activity for people who are always on the run. 


Many people have the misconception they cannot play roulette online because there is no wheel to spin. But casino game designers have managed to adapt it and add it to the list of table games you can play in an online casino. Colombian players are thrilled because they can access it via online platforms, test their luck, and win big money without visiting a land-based facility. The principle behind the game is similar as if they'd play it in a brick-and-mortar casino because the operator decides when the gamblers can no longer place bets and spins the wheel as a croupier would do it in a land-based casino. 


It's not surprising that online operators transformed the most exciting casino game into a digital one. Colombians feel like they have a unique experience when they play it online because it allows them to beat the dealer if they use the right strategy. Online casinos save them time and money because they don't have to plan trips to a local venue, they only have to register on a platform that offers access to the game and enjoy the bonuses and winnings. 

The bottom line

The eGaming act regulated most online gambling activities in Colombia and provided the locals with access to a range of safe and secure casino activities they can enjoy online. Alongside slots, roulette, and blackjack, they can play online most of the games any international website would provide. The authorities make efforts to detect and eliminate all illegal casino operators, and this can be only good news for the players because they can have peace of mind when they visit an online casino.