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Dutch online casino trends every passionate gambler should know about

The Dutch may be well acquainted with gambling, sports betting and casino games, but they are a bit late to the party when it comes to online gambling. The glitz and glamour of the casino world has always held a strong fascination for Dutch players, with all the amazing games, the bright lights, the thrilling casino music, and the undeniable excitement that accompany it. Yet, the online gambling environment was somehow put on the back burner. Luckily, things are slowly but surely starting to move in the right direction and the Netherlands has the potential to become one of the most interesting online casino markets out there. 

Whether you’re an experienced gambler or you’re just starting your journey into the captivating realm of online casinos, staying up to date with the latest trends in the industry is very important. That way you’ll know where to find great online casino games, the best free spins promotions in the Netherlands, bonuses, and other rewards that will make your casino experience much more enjoyable. So, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting trends on the online casino market in the Netherlands right now and learn a bit more about what the Dutch online environment has to offer. 

Mobile gaming is on the rise 

Statistics show that the Dutch mobile gaming industry reached almost 124 billion US dollars in 2016 and figures continued to rise ever since. Just like the rest of the world, the Dutch love their mobile devices, so there’s no surprise they love mobile gaming as well. Developers took note of this trend and put all their efforts into providing a seamless casino experience for all users.  

That’s how online casinos went mobile and a growing number of players choose to enjoy casino games on their smartphones and tablets instead of sitting in front of a laptop or PC. Operators realized that Dutch players are all for convenience and flexibility, so they went to great lengths to give gamblers exactly what they’re looking for – amazing online casino games that can be played on every mobile device with ease. Almost all casino websites are optimized for mobile, so players can access online casinos whenever and wherever they want. 

Cryptocurrency gives online casinos an edge 

Payment options have always been a very important aspect to take into consideration when it comes to online casinos. To put things simply, players want to have as many payment options available as possible, so they can choose the one that works best for them. Fortunately, Dutch online casinos don’t disappoint in this respect either. 

In fact, online casino operators in the Netherlands took things one step further and introduced cryptocurrency on the list of payment options. This means Dutch players can use cryptocurrency to make deposits and withdrawals instead of using fiat currency. Dutch online casinos accept payments with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin amongst other cryptocurrencies. This seems like a match made in heaven since both cryptocurrencies and online casinos represent booming markets that attract more and more people every day. 

Online casino games take the lead 

There was a time when land-based casinos were all the rage and it can’t be denied they still have a special appeal. Gamblers still enjoy testing their skills at brick-and-mortar casinos and there’s always going to be an audience for this type of casino. But the advent of the internet and technology have changed the casino environment forever, and the Dutch casino market offers a good example. 

These days, Dutch gamblers seem to fall harder in love with the virtual casino experience, leaving traditional establishments far behind in the race. There are plenty of reasons why online casinos have become so popular in the Netherlands in recent years. Apart from the convenience they provide, there’s also the wide variety of games that attracts players to online casino websites. They also offer a lot of amazing bonuses like free spins and rewards for loyal clients that make the whole experience even more exciting. 

Loyalty programs are the salt and pepper 

What’s the secret to attracting new users and persuading existing ones to come back for more? Dutch casino operators seem to have found the right ingredient – loyalty programs. It’s surprising how something as simple as a loyalty program can make such a huge difference in the success of an online casino website. But the Dutch know what they’re doing. 

Players might play a game or two on a certain casino site, but if there are thousands of other sites that can offer similar or even better games. So Dutch operators had to find the element that will differentiate them from other providers on the market and they came to the conclusion that loyalty programs are a foolproof method. And just like that, loyalty programs became a major trend in the online casino landscape in the Netherlands. And don’t be mistaken, we’re not talking about your average bonuses. We’re talking about amazing rewards, plenty of free spins and many other bonuses that operators have prepared for their loyal gamblers. 

Virtual reality improves the gaming experience

As you can see, tech advancements have played a major role in shaping the online casino industry in the Netherlands. And since things are moving at a fast pace in the tech world, we’re going to see many more improvements coming from this area. Next on the list of tech innovations influencing the online casino industry is the integration of virtual reality. 

There’s no denying that VR can greatly enhance the gaming experience and operators are fully aware of that. While not many online casinos have implemented VR in their games, it seems like the trend is really catching on. So, in the future we’re probably going to see even more Dutch casino providers embracing virtual reality as a way to ensure an immersive gambling experience for users.