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From Norse mythology to Dracula – slots themes that will sweep you off your feet

From horror to music and Mythology themes, online slotmachines themes are so varied, every player could easily find one for them. 

The online casino industry has skyrocketed in the last years, evolving into a sector that values tens of billions of dollars. The idea that casino games like slots attract only young men is outdated because nowadays, both women and men from all age groups are gambling online. The growth in popularity results from the industry creating games that address all needs and embracing the fact that different categories of players have different needs. By creating diverse slots themes, they manage to attract gamblers of all genders and ages. The market has witnessed a huge increase in the number of slotmachines themes available online, with subjects varying from music to movies, horror stories and ancient mythology. The slots niche has become an all-include culture where everyone is welcomed and all requirements are met. 

Casino game designers research the audience to understand the target audience's needs and create a heavy arsenal of games that match their preferences. 

If you're new to the slots world, this article can serve you as a guide and present you with the most popular themes you can pick from. 

Keep it classic with fruit slots

The first thing that comes to your mind when you try to picture slotsmachines is the movement of colourful fruits that spin on the screen. If you close your eyes you feel as if you can touch the lemons and cherries. Fruit slot games are the classic version everyone plays at least once. This theme is most likely the one that welcomed every slots enthusiast into the gambling world. If you visit an online casino like gokkasten gids you can find a diverse collection of games that include multiple features and reels. Fruit slots rely on playing with your emotions rather than attracting you to the story they present. 

If you're in for an authentic slot experience, then try fruit themes one, no matter if you play it online or offline.                       

Fantasy slots lure you into another world

The greatest disadvantage online casinos have is that they lack the atmosphere land-based facilities offer. They cannot convince players to stay more through the music, ambience, drinks, and flashing lights from slotmachines a brick-and-mortar casino would do. So, they have to search for other ways to keep their players sitting and engaged for as long as possible. Slot games designers are coming with new and entertaining themes to improve the user experience. One theme that has really taken off and you can find it on a website like Bob casino, is fantasy. It allows the creators to develop a story around the reels, and they have plenty of ideas to play with because the fantasy land is broad and vast. There are tons of fantasy ideas to turn into slots games, from stories about Merlin and Dracula to tales about pirates and pixies. Fantasy slots have a broad appeal in female players due to their colourful aesthetics. This theme latched on a trend that has been around for a couple of years in the online gaming industry, role playing. People love to picture themselves in other places as different characters. 

The most popular fantasy games feature symbols and characters all gamers can easily recognize.


Explore ancient cultures with ancient Egypt slots

There's something magical and mysterious about ancient civilizations that draw you to the slotmachines that feature these themes. There are tons of stories associated with Egyptian culture, so you can decide what story you like the most. Usually, a website like Bob casino has the classic Book of Ra game or a version of it. If you like it, you can also try the Book of Dead that is more adventurous

Even if this theme isn't as old as the fruit one, it's the broadest in the online world because it encompasses every myth and character the Egyptian literature has ever mentioned. When you play it on slotmachines in a land-based casino, you'll also notice that it has one of the most charming graphics due to the intricacy of symbols and the multitude of symbols it features. 

Alongside the Egyptian theme, you can also find the Greek, Roman, Arabian, Asian, and American ones. 

Horror slots

This is another category of slots you'll probably find on a website like Bob casino because the undead creatures, vampires, werewolves, and other freak beings have always captured people's attention. They are imagination elements surrounded by mystery, and everyone loves a good mystery story. Many horror-themes slots found in casinos like Bob casino are based on classic stories and movies. Dracula is by far the most loved character in horror slots because no one can resist the charms of a Romanian prince gone bad. The familiarity with the stories makes them one of the most popular categories. 

What casino games to play if you get tired of slots?

Let's assume that you play a couple of slots games and get tired of elements spinning on a reel. Well, online casinos have many other games to offer if you want to diversify your list. 

Roulette – Playing roulette at bob casino online can definitely help you get rid of boredom because few games are as thrilling as roulette. This game offers you the opportunity to win money if you guess the number that will come up when the wheel stops spinning. Online casinos offer a wide list of roulette versions, but the most popular ones are the French, American, and European ones. 

Poker – one of the most popular games in online and land-based casinos. It's a game that requires knowledge and strategy, so make sure to research before betting your money in a game. 

Baccarat – one of the oldest games that managed to maintain its popularity over the years because of its unique rules and the opportunity to win great prizes. 

Blackjack – it allows you to compete directly against other players, and this makes it quite intriguing. It requires great patience, tenacity, and focus, so make sure you know the rules.