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Is it possible to win when playing games in online casinos? Consider these factors when you pick the provider and you'll boost your chances

Online gambling is a fun pastime because it allows you to play casino games on your computer or smartphone. But you may wonder if online gambling is just an entertaining activity, or you can also earn money out of it. Even if winning requires strategy and some luck, by picking the right game, understanding its rules, and developing your own tactic, you can make a good living from playing casino games. 

But because most gamblers don't really understand how to play casino games, negative assumptions often arise, and people have the misconception it's impossible to win at gambling online. Only because online casino games are brightly coloured and sometimes accompanied by a loud soundtrack, it doesn't mean they're easy to win when you don't know the rules. 

If you want to earn money when you play online casino games, you should consider the following list of factors that influence your experience. 

Sign-up bonus

Most online casinos offer welcome bonuses to attract new players, but some have more attractive bonuses than others. Before signing up and making the first deposit, read the regulations to understand the conditions for receiving the bonus. Some casinos allow you to get the bonus only if you play a specific game like blackjack online or free slots, while others require you to deposit a set sum to qualify for the offer. 

Compare the sign-up bonuses from different operators and register on the website with the most attractive one. Make a list of the conditions attached to each welcome bonus, and keep in mind that the casino with the highest pay doesn't always offer the best conditions. 

Review the website

Do your due diligence and find out what the online casino offers and the player rate's return to player rate. What payout types can you get? And what do customer reviews say? Many gambling resources are legitimate and reliable, but scams are always prevalent on the Internet, especially when you pay for services in advance. Try to determine if the casino is trustworthy and if your deposit is safe. If you want to play free slots with very unique features, have a look on the website to check if it includes this type of games. 

When the customer reviews state that you receive the payouts quickly and can rely on customer service when you deal with issues, it's a sign the website is trustworthy. 

Check the software provider

Some online casinos offer free slots and other similar games in a java version. If you want to play on the browser, pick an operator that provides this option. However, only because the casino has a java version for free slots it doesn't mean they also have one for blackjack online, so find out which games offer this option. If you prefer to download the games on your device, check the list of operators that have downloadable software. Install the demo version to have a look at the graphics, functionality, and overall design. More importantly, check the software provider to determine if it's an authority in the online casino games industry. Usually, reliable software providers create casino games like blackjack online only for legitimate casinos, so when the software creator is famous on the market, the website they create the games for is also trustworthy. 

Game collection

While some people may be happy to play any game, you don't want to spend your time on those that have low payout opportunities. You want your casino experience to be entertaining and exciting and provide you with high winning chances. If you want to play blackjack online or free slots, check first if the website you want to register on includes them in its collection. Most gambling resources have traditional games like slots, poker, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. 

Online casinos usually allow you to have a look around to check the games and promotions they offer before you sign up, so check the list of games and figure out if the collection is extensive enough to match your needs. 


All online casinos have a promotion page where they list the bonuses and benefits they offer to players. Know what special offers you can get when you play blackjack online, or other table games before you sign up. Some operators also have loyalty programs designed to retain clients and motivate them to play more. Each casino has unique promotions designed to help them stand out on the market and attract clients. Compare the offers and choose the operator that gives the best bonuses. 

Alongside the promotions page, some websites also include a blog or guideline section that provides you with tips and tricks about blackjack online and more. It would be best to register on a website that includes both categories of pages to have an engaging experience.     


Security and privacy

Registering on a website always requires giving them your personal details, financial information, and even sensitive data. You need to know the transactions are secure and the website doesn't share your personal information with third parties. Check how the casino operator processes and stores personal data and determine if it takes your security seriously. It's best to always play in an online casino that encrypts the data because it protects your identity and personal details. 

However, you shouldn't use a website that doesn't ask you to provide some basic information about your identity because it's an unreliability sign. You're depositing and withdrawing money when you play online casino games, so you need to provide the operator with your financial details. But when they don't verify your identity, how can you be sure they deliver the payout in time, or at all?

The bottom line

Once you have a list of possible websites, you want to sign up compare their features to determine which one is the best choice for you. It won't be easy to pick one from the millions of available websites, but if you take your time and weigh the above factors, you'll definitely find the right one.