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Online slots are becoming more popular – what does this mean for the casino industry?

The slot machine market size has grown impressively in the past few years, and it has the potential to exceed $8.2 million by 2024. What’s more, the momentum seems to include online slots as well, which are chosen by more and more people for their exciting features and great bonuses. According to a recent report, the most attractive region for slots machines is North America, but Asia and Europe are catching up. The Netherlands is an excellent example here because they have attracted a lot of investments in 2020, and the legislation is favorable. Apart from legalization, which continues to be the main driving factor of the market, it should also be pointed out that there is excellent vendor involvement and increasing customer demand. People have grown accustomed to slots, especially online slots, and the number of people who sign up for online casinos is expected to grow in the future.


With creative themes, innovative features, and progressive bonuses, online slots are here to stay, and their influence on the industry isn’t expected to drop any time soon. But what does this new trend mean for the casino industry as a whole? Did the innovations in slot machine games start a paradigm shift in the industry? Most likely, yes. Here are the most important ways that online slots transformed the industry in 2020 and how they will continue to impact it moving forward.


Convenience and user experience are now key.

Thanks to the latest innovations in game development, online slots games are more convenient than ever before. What’s more, the user experience has become more refined than it was in the past. Although online slots have existed for a while now, the user experience hasn’t always been as friendly as it is today, especially before the advent of mobile gaming. More and more people use their smartphones to play games and, because of that, developers are inducting either mobile-friendly versions of their websites or release mobile apps.


Online slots games are fun and easy to use. In 2020, when land-based casinos were mostly closed, so their loyal clients switched to online games. However, since many of these clients weren’t exactly tech-savvy, the interfaces of online casinos could have been confusing. That’s why operators made some changes to the games, and the platforms in general, to make them friendlier for beginners and people who aren’t that familiar with technology. If you look online for a guide of the slots, you’ll see that you don’t need any experience to start playing them. They basically have no learning curve, and you can even make some profit right away.


Variety of themes

From classic slot game themes to modern adaptations inspired by sports, arts, movies, music, and pop culture, there’s nothing that hasn’t been covered in online slots games. Think of any subject under the sun, and chances are there’s already a slot game with that theme.


Why does this variety of themes matter so much if, ultimately, the underlying mechanics of online slots are the same? Well, that’s exactly why: because most slot games are the same and, if you play them on a regular basis, you could experience a bit of fatigue. But, if you play slots with various themes, the user’s interest is kept alive.


The importance of online bonuses is even greater.

One of the most important secrets of successful casino players is that you don’t just make money by winning games. You make money by knowing how to look for the games and platforms with the best bonuses and using them to multiply your earnings. And, if we look at the best Dutch no deposit bonuses of the year, we’ll see that online bonuses are much bigger than what you would normally get in a brick-and-mortar casino. What’s more, you have a lot of variety, and you can choose the bonus that best matches your playing style, your ideal-risk reward ratio, and your preferred deposit/withdrawal method. If you don’t want to risk anything, then you can claim a no deposit bonus. If you do want to deposit money when you make an account, you can try a match deposit or multiplier bonus. For example, if you deposit $50, a match deposit bonus gives you an additional $50. If the bonus is 5X the deposit, you’ll receive $250. Most of the time, you have to replay these bonuses on slot games, but some casinos allow you to withdraw the bonus too.


In addition to the no deposit bonus, when playing online slots, you also have free spins. This special type of bonus allows you to use free spins and potentially boost your profit without taking any risk. Considering that more and more people have been joining online casinos and competition is fierce, operators are introducing bigger and better bonuses every day. Basically, simply by signing up, you can boost your account. This has changed the casino industry forever, and it would probably be impossible to revert to a time when your only reward for winning at a casino game was the one included by default.  


The focus on responsible gambling

As previously mentioned, the online gambling market drove the most profit last year. With that came an increasing number of new players, and that brought about the need for more responsible gambling practices. Fortunately, operators weren’t late to step up to that, so they created resources to help players gamble responsibly. Nowadays, if you look up a guide of the slots online, you won’t just find examples of games, tips for winning them, and advice about bonuses. You’ll also find valuable information on how to protect yourself, how to recognize a scam, how to make sure that your online operator is reliable, and how to avoid gambling addiction. What’s more, in these guides, you also have phone numbers for organizations that help with problem gambling.