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What gamblers need to know about casino licenses in the Japanese online gambling market

When it comes to casinos and gambling activities in general, there are certain countries that are more welcoming and tolerant, while others still maintain very strict rules and restrictions. Japan and most countries on the Asian continent fall in the latter category. The gambling laws and regulations in Japan are not as permissive as in other parts of the world, so there’s no wonder you won’t find casinos at every corner. 

However, this doesn’t mean that the Japanese don’t gamble, far from it. Gambling in Japan has been around for centuries and people simply love games of chance. They may not have as many options as players from other countries, but they sure know how to gamble and they’ve also managed to make the most of what they’ve got.

As the gaming industry is fast expanding and Japan’s gaming innovations play a major contribution to this rapid growth, the gambling environment is also going through transformations. Probably the most obvious shift we’re noticing in Japan’s gambling market is people’s growing interest in playing online casino games. 

Of course, since online gambling in Japan is somewhat of a no man’s land, it can be pretty tricky for Japanese gamblers to enjoy casino games online. But where there’s a will, there’s a way, and as you’ll see in this article, online gambling in Japan is quite a big thing. 

History of gambling in Japan 

But before we start discussing the current state of the online gambling market in Japan, we have to take a quick trip back in time in order to provide some sort of context and help you understand how that came about. 

Gambling in Japan dates back to the 7th century, when people first started playing games of chance. Over the years, this form of entertainment grew in popularity and spread across the country. However, there’s always been a quiet battle between accepting these activities as normal and placing them on the forbidden list. 

Things seemed to evolve towards acceptance and in the 18th century, certain gambling activities such as betting and dice games came to be tolerated. Authorities drafted the first gambling laws in order to establish which gambling activities were accepted and which weren’t. 

Then, in 1907, things took a turn for the worst for the world of gambling. The Japanese Penal Code placed a ban on most gambling related activities, stopping the gambling market in its tracks. But this didn’t put an end to people’s passion for gambling. Players found alternatives to popular casino games, such as pachinko, leading to the rise of the pachinko culture in Japan. 

The legal status of online casinos in Japan

One of the most frequently asked questions about the online gambling environment in Japan is whether playing at online casinos is legal or not. The answer is a bit complicated. According to the laws in force, operating a land-based casino or an online casino on the Japanese territory is against the law. That’s why you won’t come across any brick-and-mortar gambling establishments in Japan. 

Most online gambling activities are also considered illegal, so people are limited to take part in state lottery, and engage in horse race betting or mahjong betting. There’s no such thing as a legal online casino in Japan and casino operators can’t apply for a license to provide their services legally. What's more, authorities don’t seem keen on making any changes in this respect. 

But Japanese gamblers love the convenience and excitement that online casino games provide, so they’ve found a way to bypass the limitations imposed by the government. By accessing casino sites that are based offshore and have a formal casino license they aren’t technically breaking any rules. Since these casinos don’t operate on Japanese territory, they are not subject to the local legislation.

Until the Japanese authorities decide to embrace online gambling and recognize the benefits it can bring to the local economy, gamblers will continue to use alternative methods to enjoy casino games in the digital space. 

Why choose licensed online casinos?

Since Japanese layers have to turn their attention towards offshore casino sites to put their gambling skills to good use, they also have to learn how to choose the best online casinos. The golden rule of online gambling is to make sure the casino operator you want to register with holds a valid license that allows them to provide casino games legally. There are various reasons why playing at a licensed online casino is a wise choice, as follows: 

Safety – most players worry about the safety of their data and money while playing casino games online. You should know that in order to obtain a license, operators must meet certain safety standards. Since they are required to take extensive measures that will ensure a high level of security for all customers, playing at a licensed online casino will give you a sense of safety and protection. 

Reliability – licensed operators invest a lot of money in building professional and performant websites, making it less likely to experience glitches and errors in the system. That ensures smooth and easy navigation for all players and a simple and quick transaction process. 

Wide variety of games – any reputable casino site knows how important it is for players to have a wide variety of options. Licensed operators are known for providing a comprehensive range of casino games to suit every player’s taste, which makes it easier for you to find games that you’ll enjoy playing. 

Great bonuses – legal casino sites are also known for offering amazing bonuses and other types of incentives that can improve your chances of success. It’s easy to get a free spin with Cashmio and other reputable casino sites, so don’t miss out on these opportunities. 

Enhanced gaming experience – when you register with a licensed casino site, you know the operator is willing to go above and beyond to provide the best possible gambling experience to its customers. From great-looking sites and amazing online casino games to excellent customer service, licensed operators are always one notch above the rest.