Mr. D's Food Center

Mr. D's proudly sells Wyoming grown corn from the Gallagher family

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - The Gallaghers, along with their 9 children, own a cow/calf ranch in Clark, Wyoming. They sell sweet corn at surrounding area farmers markets and grocery stores, including Mr. D's in Lander and Powell. Not only is their corn hand picked, but it is also non-GMO and pesticide/herbicide free!
"We believe the closer you source your food to home, the better it is for you," explained Michelle Motherway, Mr. D's owner. "We love that the corn we serve was just freshly picked from the field."
Mr. D's proudly partners with local farmers from allover the state. Stop in and grab a taste of "Wyoming home grown corn!"
Mr. D's Lander location: 725 Main Street.
Mr. D's Powell location: 421 E. 1st Street​