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Big Tech Caves to Foreign Governments:

American human rights attorney, Gurpatwant Pannun, de-platformed on social media for exposing India’s abysmal human rights record.

Human Rights Attorney Banned by Twitter and Facebook

  • Twitter and Facebook abruptly delete the account of an American citizen after Indian government authorities filed a complaint 

  • Sikhs for Justice, a U.S. nonprofit led by American citizen Gurpatwant Pannun, was de-platformed from Facebook and Twitter after criticizing the human rights record of Indian Prime Minister Modi

  • The social media giants’ targeting of the U.S. group comes during heightened scrutiny and inquiries by Congress and the Trump administration into Big Tech’s work with oppressive foreign governments, including China

  • U.S. State Department spokesman, Robert Palladino in 2018 commented on the Sikhs for Justice independence movement, stating: 

“We have freedom of speech in the United States, we have freedom of association, and these are bedrock principles of American society." 

  • In July 2019, Sikhs for Justice Inc. filed a defamation suit in Canada against the government for falsely claiming that the peaceful nonprofit was linked to terrorism

  • Upon learning of this defamation suit, Indian PM Modi’s government banned Sikhs for Justice.

  • Sikh Leader Gurpatwant Pannun says the retaliation comes as a result of exposing Modi’s involvement in the 1984 massacre of Sikhs in the Punjab region

  • Sikhs for Justice claim the Indian government has yet to claim responsibility or even acknowledge the killing of 30,000 of its own citizens during the 1984 riots

  • U.S. officials are presently engaged in vigorous debate on whether to regulate social media giants in order to protect the free speech rights of all American citizens 

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