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GIPHY: A Video App That Converts Words Into GIF’s

Giphy has launched Giphy Says, a new camera app, which lets users convert "words

into GIFs", or more specifically, converts videos into GIF images with subtitles. The

company has launched the app currently on just iOS but has not clarified if it plans to

bring it to Android later as well. After creating the GIFs, users can also choose to share

their creations through the app on social media platforms.

The Giphy Says app requires users to simply record their video clips and it

automatically converts the audio into text and creates a GIF out of the video. Users can

choose to change the text style by swiping left and right or swipe up and down for filters.

The app also provides an option to move and scale the text on the Share screen or

even punctuate (by tapping the text).

We tested out the app ourselves and found that it catches phrases and even names

quite well. The entire concept looks interesting and even though there are not many

filters currently available, using the various text styles can keep users interested and

invested in the app. This is a very simplistic app and doesn't make things overly


The app is already available for download on App Store and comes with a download

size of 25MB.

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