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Why is plain language important in business writing?

The communication in any business is important. You need to know how correctly communicate with your customers, investors, staff, and suppliers. Since your success depends on your communication, you need to establish solid writing skills to make the communication clear. All written materials, from your business plans to your marketing texts, are the first point of interaction for any person which in some way is interested in your business. That is why it is very important to make sure that your writing is understandable and connected with your business.

Each of us practiced essay writing in college, however, not everyone was able to master proper writing skills before the graduation.  Of course, to get assistance, you could ask your friend or professional essay editor, or even order an essay from academic assistance company, but not everyone used professionally written samples for these skills development.

If you are running a small business, you need to possess not only outstanding writing skills but also to do it quickly and understandable. In this case, the principles of plain language become handy.

What is “Plain Language”?

Plain language principle is based on clear and laconic writing. You should remove any content which may detract the reader from the message.

For example:

“Her report summarized three main issues: a lack of loyal customers, conversions, and returning customers.”

Is better and more effective than:

“Her report to senior management described that main issues of the day were trial. These include inspections about the convergence of low-level support, a lack of effective conversions, and an inability to attract return funding”

How to Simplify Business Writing: 6 Easy Ways

In this article we have decided to share with you the tricks you can use to simplify your business writing, making it more effective and easier to understand.

1.    Audience. Divide your audience into groups and list your specific audience type. These can be customers, staff, partners etc. Ask yourself:

ü  What do they know about your area of expertise?

ü  Do they know specific terms used in your area?

Probably most of them don’t know everything, and it will be quite complex and time-consuming to understand your writing. That is why you need to keep your writing simple and:

ü  Eliminate jargon usage. Try to remove phrases like “burn rate”, “paradigm shifters” and “touch base”

ü  Replace complex words and phrases with simple analogs. For example, “paradigm” means “ideal”, “transpired” means “happened”, and “conundrum” is a gaudy word for “problem”.

2.    Organization. Your writing should have a logical structure. It should guide your reader through the idea which is easy to follow and understand.

3.    Active Voice Usage. Try to eliminate passive constructions. Your message should indicate who is doing, rather than tell in general. So it is better to write: “We will establish relationships with X” rather than “the company will establish a relationship with X by doing Y”.

4.    Use clean design for your writing. The presentation of your writing is not less important than your writing style. You need to use headings, white space, font, color, and images effectively. These elements should support your writing and message you want to report. Ask any professional essay editor how the writing can be organized and you will see that instructions will be the same.

5.    Long blocks, principles of text minimization. You need to lead your reader through your message and draw his attention to the conclusion or call-to-action. Try to divide the information into small chunks. Breaking long paragraphs into short, subheadings usage, shortening of sentences to 20 words count will help you to better achieve your goals.

6.    Use different visual representations. Charts, tables, examples will help your reader to better analyze and memorize presented information. Examples are parts and parcels of effective business writing.

If you will keep these tricks in mind while creating a different kind of business materials, your pieces of the content will become more clear, easy to understand and readable. What will be the result? An effective communication with all parties involved in your business processes, as a result, this can become a base of revenue growth and loyal customers’ database growth.

If you know other tips to enhance your business writing or you have applied some cool techniques during essay writing in college feel free to share your opinion with us and our readers.