The N2Hive

The N2HIVE bridges the gap between sales and technology.

Las Vegas, NV – June 16, 2017- Ntooitive Digital has developed the N2Hive, a sales tool that bridges the gap between technology and sales by maximizing sales time and helping grow revenue by eliminating time-consuming administrative task.

The N2Hive was conceived when our founders realized that sales organizations are consumed by administrative tasks which had a negative impact on driving revenue. After long analysis, it was clear that the issue was not the ability of the sales team, but rather how much time they have. Sales organizations across multiple industries acknowledge that a huge amount of their workday is allotted to handling administrative tasks rather than actual customer interaction.

The overall purpose for the N2 Hive is simple, boost the profitability of your sales organization while saving on cost and maximizing time. The N2Hive accomplishes its purpose by eliminating administrative tasks and streamlining your sales process. In short, as Ntooitive CEO Ryan Christiansen stated, “We have successfully created a tool with the mindset that automation driving efficiency equals revenue growth.”

“We have successfully created a tool with the mindset that automation driving efficiency equals revenue growth.”

What sets The N2Hive apart from the competition is how it serves as an end-to-end sales tool. Think of all your sales tools & resources wrapped up into one single package. The N2Hive offers client facing and executive level reporting down to individual reps. Sales teams can now generate proposals, and submit orders in a minute or less. With the N2Hive, you no longer need to train your sales team to use five different platforms, which eliminates learning curves and prolonged training periods.

The N2 Hive allows for integrations with nearly all tools and platforms related to your sales process, such as data research, HR management systems, benefits, incentives, and commissions, etc. Open architecture and API’s enable powerful, customizable integration and creates a centralized location for a single-point of access that eliminates confusion when onboarding new employees

Ntooitive’s product and development team ensure that the N2Hive is always improving, and rolling out updates to make sure our users are delivered the best tool they could possibly need.

The N2Hive is meant for any sales organization looking to improve their top-line revenue by immediately regaining time and creating more sales opportunities.

For more information about the N2Hive, you can contact Ntooitive at to schedule a demo and learn more.

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