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Spiritual Healers Veronica and Stephen Schultz Break the Spell of Fear and Adversity Using Their Unique Soul Journey Experience.

When it comes to healing scars of the past and restoring life, Master Intuitive healers and spiritual coaches Veronica and Stephen Schultz can help their client’s break the spell of fear and take control of their lives if they are willing to invest in a positive change. They assist aspiring people in achieving personal breakthroughs and go from invisible, disconnected, emotionally crushed to becoming confident with more clear vision for their business and personal life.

The Soul Journey Experiences are rewarding and meaningful to their clients for many reasons. Veronica and Stephen are brilliant in their ability to change the energy, helping people feel happier and peaceful, while the Soul Journey Experience cuts the cords to fears, reconnects them to the Mother’s love and self-love. Through the Soul Journey Experience clients discover the old programming nuances that sabotaged their success in business and personal life, kept them stuck and disconnected, and lost with no sense of purpose. Their clients experience a complete transformation after they release all the emotional weight that was holding them back, they are given the tools to step into the radiance of who they are cutting through the cloud and confusion giving them the ability to discern what matters the most.

During the spiritual guidance provided by Veronica and Stephen, clients regain their peace of mind and self-worth and get a better understanding of their patterns that keep them from experiencing the full potential. They then can deal with challenges, distractions and learn how to make simple on-the-spot decisions in their professional life. When it comes to clients’ personal life they are able to transform relationships with a new perspective on their core values.

According to Veronica Schultz, the Soul Journey Experience creates a positive energy flow in a person’s life; releasing blocks, unwanted negative energies, vibrations, and emotions that tie and bind and that are attached to them and replaces them with liquid white light of love.

Stephen Schultz added, “You come to this world to remember who you are, what your purpose is, and to step into this purpose. A Soul Journey Experience shows you your path.”

The most important element of the Soul Journey Experience is discovering and healing of old deep wounds without lengthy, boring, traumatic coaching.

The best part of the Soul Journey Experience is that clients are equipped with tools and resources after the initial Experience. Once their Soul Journey Experience is complete, they are then eligible for the “Soul Journey Synergy” of their private group exclusive only to other Soul Journeyers, that offers techniques that they can use daily to let go of the stories inside of them, move into their gifting’s, learning to trust their own guidance and they will establish new thought patterns to ensure successful healing and transformation. In her interview with a publicity expert Tatyana Gann, Veronica S. said, “It is a humbling moment to see measurable results. We are grateful to share the Soul Journey Experience with our clients and to help them find success, heal from life's traumas and then watch them soar and finally using their gifts that they kept on the back burner.”

Through a powerful fusion of healing techniques and exercises that include meditations, mantras, exercises to create a mindset shift clients can finally express their authenticity without fear, feel free and have more clarity, courage and confidence.

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