Natalia D. Macker, Teton County Commissioner

Community Leaders Endorse Natalia Macker for County Commissioner

Community Leaders Endorse Natalia Macker for County Commissioner

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Today, Natalia D. Macker announced several endorsements for her run for Teton County Board of County Commissioners.

She is pleased to announce the endorsement of Women Under Forty PAC (WUFPAC). WUFPAC is a nonpartisan organization that supports women forty years of age and under running for public office.

“Natalia is a dedicated community member who offers a fresh perspective to each and every challenge,” said Kate Farrar, WUFPAC President. “As one of few female county commissioners in the state, Natalia also brings a greater representative democracy to Wyoming.”

Upon endorsement, Natalia shared: "I am honored to have the support of WUFPAC and to follow in the footsteps of many young, courageous women who have come before me. I stood up to serve on the County Commission because I wanted to get things done in my community. Despite a history of women in leadership in Wyoming, our state is lacking in gender diversity in our elected bodies. With this support I will continue working for access for women in our county chambers, town halls, capital building, and Congress.”

Commissioner Macker, also a Wyoming Business Report Women of Influence nominee, has gained diverse local endorsements spanning the political spectrum. These include State Representative Ruth Ann Petroff (R) and State Representative Andy Schwartz (D), who is also a former County Commissioner, as well as from a number of leading community members.

Bruce and Carolynn Hawtin support Macker because of her “proven track record of putting our community first.”

“I trust Natalia Macker to represent me,” said Rep. Petroff, “She puts in the work and makes the hard calls. She’s fair. She’s balanced. She’s a leader.”

Former Commissioner Sandy Shuptrine says of Macker, “With her varied local and state government service, Natalia is best qualified to serve us all at this challenging time.”

Cady Cox and Kyle Fleming, young professionals and Jackson natives, say: “We know Natalia is committed to action for Teton County’s future. We need her. The community needs her. The next generation needs her.”

Rep. Schwartz said, “Natalia has the skills and experience to lead our community. She understands the critical role of our human service organizations and will make sure they are supported.”

Carmina Oaks, community leader and case manager at One 22, supports Macker because she is “working hard for everyone in Teton County.”

Don Frank, who serves on the Jackson Town Council, says, “Natalia Macker has proven herself to be independent, logical, impartial and resolute in her determination to effect positive outcomes for our entire community. I am proud to serve with and honored to be represented by a person with her energy and generosity.”

With just over a week until election day, Macker remains focused on key issues in Teton County, including affordable rentals for working and middle class families, wildlife habitat protections and connectivity, efficient transit, and accessible health and human services. 

“Supporting our working families and preserving Teton County for the next generation go hand in hand. It’s time for our community to put our plans into action,” said Macker.