Nate Freedmen

Top 6 Awesome Legal Herbs to Enjoy

Do you love to vape? Have you bought your water pipe? Cool! With a great water pipe you could enjoy tons of legally smoked herbs. Here are samples of the very best legal herbs that any stoner would dream of vaping.


Found in Mexico, Damiana vaporizes at 190 degrees Celsius. It is a pleasant herb that will add strong romantic taste to your blend of herbs. Damiana is nothing like cannabis especially when it comes to the effects. It will leave you with a mild buzz and a pleasant taste on the tongue. If taken with a Premier Silicone Water pipe Damiana is often smooth to the throat. It is known to boost the strength of the nervous system and to treat urinary tract infections. Additionally Damiana can be used as an anti-depressant and to curb the effects of cramps on attending ladies.


Another great herb for the pro smokers is Velarian. This one vaporizes at 235 degrees Celsius. It is highly sedative and will manage those acute cases of insomnia (sleeping disorders). The best forms of Velarian are in pills too. However, study shows that vaporizing the herb has higher effects especially when mixed with lemon balm and other sedative drugs including passion flower, hops, and skull cap.


Cannabis is legally used in many states of the USA and some parts of the world. Cannabis is highly sedative and great for cases of Insomnia. The use of this herb has also been found to manage cancer. Additionally the herb is used as an anti depressant and also to boost lost appetite. Marijuana as it is commonly known is yet to hit throughout the world. However in many countries that it is used there has been significant effects.

Lemon Balm

Like we have seen, Lemon Balm works so well with Velarian. However, the herb is generally known for its qualities in aromatherapy. It vaporizes at about 142 degrees Celsius and has almost the best scent, nice taste, and an awesome calming effect. Studies show that hitting on this herb relaxes the nervous system, promotes sleep, and boosts blood circulation. It also relieves migraines and creates one great mixture with other great herbs.


I know Lavender is common to many smokers that use a Premier Silicone Water pipe. Ideally, it is the most famous aromatic herb ever. It has a great taste, smell, and an awesome therapeutic property. It vaporizes at 135 degrees Celsius and is known to stimulate blood flow. It can also act as a fantastic antiseptic and antibacterial and has been used for ages as an anti-depressant, muscle relaxant, and a carminative.


Hops are great. They are associated with beer brewing but the herb can also be vaporized. Adding hops to your blend of smoked herbs is a great way to create an awesome concoction. It has mild euphoric effect and the herb is also highly sedative. Many stoners use it with cannabis because of its earthy, spicy, and sweet touch.


Personally, I have enjoyed quite a number of herbs before. While these ones top my charts, there are so many herbs yet to be added. You can always visit a few online head shops to find your best shots.

There are many smoking accessories that you can use. While water pipes are the best, additional accessories include vaporizers, vape pens, storage containers and beakers, and many more headshop smoking accessories.