NBA 2k18 locker codes

Drawbacks in NBA 2k18

I had not played 2k for years and this year I decided to buy the PS4 to entertain myself in my spare time, and I bet on NBA 2k18 since I am a basketball lover and have played many years.

I started playing my career, because that to create a player to your measure and it seems to you has always made me laugh, but when I saw the excessive time I had to play to go lifting it level little by little was getting since this is not my job, I'm not gamer and I do not charge for playing, I play for a while and I cannot be 10 hours or more a day attached to a TV to improve my player. The solution that gives 2k to this what is it? Pay. Pay the money and you will save many hours to upload your character, but I do not want to spend more than the €60 that is worth the game, which I think is appropriate. What is the solution to this according to the people? It can be leveled up little by little, it is a game to enjoy in the long term, no need to pay if you do not want, but as I read out there before, if not pay, if I play 10 hours a day, as I will compete and have fun with my average player 70 against players Average 85 up? They are the ones who are having fun and I do not decide not to pay and not play 10 hours a day, why not create leagues by levels in which you play by the level you have at any time? So those who decide to pay will be happy and not as well, as they will play against people of their level.

After arriving at the second season, the mode my career becomes monotonous, plays 82 equal matches and playoffs to get a few coins and little else.

After getting bored of my career, go to my team mode. I was amused to create a team with cards and players that you are giving, but soon discovered that the envelopes could also be bought with money and that there was another option, you gave points with the matches you could redeem for envelopes.

After you've passed domination, you only have to play online. There are the Supramaximal and the pack and playoffs.

The pack and playoffs is a way you get to choose players from each position and you select between 2, for me it is the most equal since nobody can put money and the players go from bronze to Rubi, being more or less equal and counting more your skill than The players themselves. The problem comes with the rewards. There are 4 rounds of playoffs as in reality when you win your 4 games go to the next round to reach the final and win, and for every game won you are giving elections to a board with cards face down you will select. There are 10 boards, and on each board you get a player that is going up in quality the higher the board, well, it is very unlikely that you touch the player they offer, as you can get to have about 12-16 choices and every time you play a minor player in that Tabler Or, restart the board and fill it with cards face down and it is very difficult to find the good, why so difficult 2k? I think it's good to make it difficult for everyone not to get the same players, but why not offer more players so that at least you touch one and not all have the same. Moreover this year, 2k has significantly reduced giving NBA 2k18 locker codes

Then there is the Supermax, a kind of league that lasts about 4 days and in which you compete with a salary space so that you can not join your best players and in which if you reach the highest level reward you with a letter from a player. If you get the letter or you are very good or has been dyed a lot of luck, because you score depending on the level in which you are and the level of the player against embargo you play, bouquets normally more points when you lose you know points that give you when you win, therefore here also becomes important to have the best players and that with them it will be easier to win the games, and for this you have to put money as every 8-10 days put players and new envelopes for others to stay below.