Search Marketing Student Placement Opportunity

Mallee Blue Media announced a new intake of students eligible for their Search Marketing Student Placement and Mentoring Program.

Mallee Blue provides a limited number of placements each year to students enrolled in a college or university marketing related course.

Applications and Information can be found at:

Students accepted in to the Program are given an opportunity to:

  • Be Mentored by an Expert SEO Consultant
  • Work on their own projects under guidance
  • Learn new SEO and Digital Marketing Skills
  • Develop Search Marketing Plans
  • Interact with staff at all levels of the industry
  • participate in skill development

Students will learn via live online meet ups with an SEO Expert and be given training in areas such as:

  • Link Building and Development
  • Content Creation
  • Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO on site and off site

Age, location and experience are no barriers. Mallee Blue Media will design your placement to suite you and to provide you with a great opportunity to network with experienced web marketers.

You will work at your own pace while developing your interests in digital and search engine marketing online.

Limited Placements. Contact Mallee Blue Media to submit your application.