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Best College Degrees for Job Security

Are you thinking of ways to maintain a more stable financial life? Here are simple tips that help you choose a career in one of the most stable industries in the economy.

The stability of your job may matter more than what the income potential of it is. You can have an incredibly high-income potential, but if you are unable to find any work, then it will not do you very much better. It will always or merely remain a potential, and that is it. Some industries have more robust job markets than others, and many of these industries also respond differently to economic downturns, which provides additional job security for people in those industries.


Best College Degrees For Job Security  

The degree you get can impact how secure your job is for the rest of your life. Some degrees will always be employable no matter how the external circumstances and the economy look. Other degrees will have a hard time finding employment even in the best economies. Make a wise choice by selecting one of the following degree options to ensure you always have job stability.


  • Pharmacists  

Getting a degree in pharmaceutical sciences is one of the best choices for job security. People will always need medicine, and they are unable to get it without seeing a pharmacist. There is a captive market for this industry, and if you can make it through a pharmacy school, you can rest assured that you will have a high paying job guaranteed for life.


  • Nurses  

Right now, we can all see how robust the healthcare industry is even in times of economic uncertainty. Nursing is experiencing rapid growth in demand right now. This is an exciting degree choice because it gives you a ton of options. Travel nurses make far more than nurses who work at only one hospital and represent an easy way for people who are young to gain some experience travelling the world while being paid.


  • Home Health Aides  

Home health aides are similar to nurses, but they do not require as much experience. They come to a person’s home who needs additional help to take care of themselves. Typically they work with elderly patients, although sometimes they also work with people who suffer from various forms of disability. If you are interested in making a difference in someone’s life and helping them out, then working as a home health aide is a great choice and an incredibly stable career.


  • Information Technology  

The final two areas both involve the information technology and the computer sector. Healthcare and information technology are probably the two most robust portions of our economy today. Technology has advanced incredibly rapidly over the last few decades. There are more opportunities in the information technology sector than almost any other sector in the economy now. It also has some of the highest-earning wages out of all industries and the most job security.


  • Software Design  

Computers would not be beneficial if they could not run the software. Software is something that must be made by a designer. It is difficult for computers to make software themselves that does what we would like it to do. This makes it challenging to replace software designers with automated programs. The difficulty in replacing software designers is what makes it such a secure industry to have a job. This is a great industry if you enjoy problem-solving and is an analytical thinker who enjoys working through mundane tasks.



  Tips for first year success no matter what degree you choose

Although it is impossible to guarantee that your job will be completely secure in life, it is possible to improve the odds that your job will be secure no matter what the external circumstances are. The easiest way to do this is by choosing a career that is known for its exceptional job stability. Then you will not have to worry about anything ever disrupting your income. However, no matter how stable your job might seem, always remember to always put aside some savings for rainy days. Check out these tips for a smoother first year.

  • Budget:: It is crucial to track your expenses and make a plan to manage your money.
  • Dine In: Cooking is an essential skill for survival, health and your pocketbook. You might be shocked at the amount of money you can save making your meals and coffee at home.
  • Conserve: Be more mindful of your energy use by implementing energy efficient practices which can help the environment and your Direct Energy bill.
  • Self- Care: Maintain with your studies but remember to take care of yourself by relaxing or having fun once in a while.


Whatever career path you choose to study in college remember some of these simple tips to help you have a more successful year.