5 Essential Lawn Care Tools

Having a beautiful and attractive lawn is the dream of every lawn owner. To make it notable, flourishing, and enchanting you need to have the right tools for its regular maintenance.

In this article, we will focus on the essential tools for lawn care.

1)  Lawnmower:

The first and most important tool you need to take care of your lawn is a lawnmower. There are many models of lawnmowers available in the market nowadays, so you are advised to select the one that best meets your budget and fits your lawn size.

The manual reel mower is suitable for small areas, a Motorized walk-behind mower is recommended for medium size lawn, and a Riding type mower is perfect for the larger areas and properties.

2)  Shovel:

A shovel is also vital for planting and gardening. We use it regularly for lawn care. Shovel and spades are used for digging holes, smoothening of the soil, and transferring mulch and gravel. Spades are small shovels that can be held by hand and are usually fit for planting the smaller plants and digging up the smaller areas.

The four basic types of shovels that you can get for maintenance of your lawn are explained below:-

Pointed Shovel

This shovel is also known as a round pointed shovel, and it is used for all general purposes and main digging. The primary use of it is to dig when the soil is loose or super hard.

Square Transfer Shovel

This type of shovel has a square tip and its primary use is to transfer the soil and compost from one place to another.

Transplanting/Trenching Shovel

This type of shovel is shorter in length and has a D-type handle for holding. The tip is slightly rounded but not pointed at all, and that’s why it is also called a trenching shovel. Mainly, it can be used to cut the roots of the plants and helpful to transfer soil, small plants, and leaves easily from one space to another.

Pointed Trenching Shovel

If you want to make a trench, or a furrow in the ground for planting seeds, this shovel can be the best tool to use for this task. Its pointed top will efficiently make openings in the ground in no time.

3)  Rakes:

Some people think that rakes are only useful in the autumn season. Rakes can be used at other times of year too. You can use them throughout the year for clearing leaves, debris, and sweeping the discarded objects from your lawn surface.Spring season is a good time when you can use the rake for cleaning out the lawn and getting it prepared for the new planting and growth.

In the autumn, rakes can be used for cleaning the dry leaves and fallen foliage only. Different types of rakes can be used for lawn maintenance. These include; traditional garden rakes, hybrid rakes, traditional metal rake, and the bamboo broom rake. All of them are efficient in cleaning the dirt from your lawn but some rakes may have additional features as compared to the old ones.

4)  Hose:

A hose is a great tool for watering your lawn. It can provide a quick watering regularly without any additional effort during the dry season. It is very helpful in keeping your lawn healthier and lush green. Spray the water in your way with just one smooth move by using a hose. Different hoses have different features.

Adjustable nozzle head hoses with rubber-coated handles are a good option. You will be able to set the shower to flat, soaker, and mist according to your job’s requirements. You can use the hose for watering the grass of your lawn one or two times a week, as it will greatly support deep and strong rooting.

5)  Hedge Shears:

Hedge shears are the cutting tool used to make multiple cuts on small vegetative material of your yard at one time. It acts very effectively for cutting purposes, in a scissor-like action. Hedge shears come in variable sizes ranging from 12 to 28 inches in length and have rubber or wooden made handles for a firm grip.

You can simply place the shear near the plant, and it cuts numerous branches in one shot. Always cut small sections at a time to ensure that you do not over prune your plants. It is more suitable to prune smaller trees and shrubs on the lawn.

Lopping shears are mostly used to cut thicker branches and denser plants in the yard. Hedge shears are of three types; hand-held/manual hedge shears, electric hedge trimmers, and gas trimmers. Shears are also helpful in cutting the twine and burlap.

Final Verdict:  


It is expected that now you will be pretty much aware of the essential tools that you must have for lawn care. Before putting them away, be sure to clean your tools after using them. Clean your tools with orange oil and vinegar to prevent them from rust and decay. Always remember to wear gloves while gardening to protect your hands from splinters and thorns. For more useful information about gardening please visit Backyardmash.