One could buy as many products as one has of appliances in a kitchen but if one wants to simplify the life, in reality only a few are enough. Natural products include bicarbonate, soapy water, and white vinegar, which can be used to deodorize, disinfect and decalcify for an unbeatable price while being easy to use. Let's see what tips to clean and maintain your kitchen easily:

1. Use the right accessory and the right product for kitchen

Furniture For shiny furniture, nothing beats chamois, soft cloth or microfiber. Never use sponges on the scraping side or anything abrasive, otherwise, you may irreversibly scratch the surfaces of your furniture.

For lacquered furniture, nothing is worth a little water with dishwashing liquid, or a little product with windows that will be rinsed, but especially no powdered products that could scratch the surface.

In general, warm soapy water is used for all types of furniture.

2. For the sink

Bicarbonate will be your best ally for degreasing and disinfecting sinks, but always without using the abrasive side of the sponge and applying it gently (you can sprinkle it in the sink, lightly rub and rinse).

3. For pipes

You can make yourself a deodorant for your pipes: in a top pitcher, put 2 dl of white vinegar and add 4 tablespoons of baking soda (attention is effervescent). Then, Pour into the sink, leave for an hour and then put a liter of hot water in the pipeline. This will disinfect, descaler and maintain your pipes.

4. For work

surfaces Regardless of the nature of your worktop, the maintenance is essentially identical: do not let the stains dry, and sponge a soaked sponge with soap and then rinse.

For grease stains, use absorbent paper to remove as much as possible.

5. For valves

In general, very good results can be obtained with diluted white vinegar, which will remove limescale deposits and will make your fittings shine again.

6. For ceramic or induction plates 

The best is to use a specific product "plates" or a product with windows that will give them all their gloss!

7. For burnt pans

The best solution to remove all traces in a burnt saucepan is to put a thin layer of bicarbonate slightly moistened and then leave to act for a few hours and then to rub: generally, everything is miraculously detached, and one Recovers its spots much more easily than with any household product! 

8. Use Garbage Disposal

You can also use best garbage disposal for your kitchen.