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12 ways Mobile apps are revolutionising Hotel Industry

Traveling is the best way to reduce stress while rejuvenating the body, mind, and soul. It is a medium to disconnect with the outer world for inner peace. Planning is the most important part of the whole trip, hence one needs to look for the destination, budget, and booking of the hotel. Though, the initial two things are easy but finding a hotel is a hectic task.

8 out of 10 people spend maximum hours of their day on apps. Clearly, mobile technology, powered by apps are definitely changing the whole scenario by providing the best consumer service and experience.

Because technology is also changing and helping people around the globe, the same goes while booking a room in a hotel or searching for a hotel. To cater to such situations, hotel based mobile apps are certainly helping people.

In short, mobile apps are bringing a wave of advance change not just in healthcare, education field but also in the hospitality business also. Let us take a look at the ways in which the hospitality business is holding the hand of mobile apps to render the best in class service along with superior customer experience.

Rest to tedious task

The excitement for the trip starts a week ago from the actual date. It is a fact, the excitement while traveling remains intact but the long journey makes a person tired and unwilling to fill the long list of forms and formality in a hotel.

Submission of IDs and other related documents along with filling the forms is a tedious and tiresome task, hence, mobile apps in such a situation work wonders. Hence, customers can easily fill the necessary details and submission of required documents through the mobile app.

This way, a mobile app can provide all the information and details to a hotel digitally for booking the customer’s room.

Connection will grow

Mobile apps fill the gap between hotels and customers around. By using a hotel based app, customers can easily check out details and rooms availability in a hotel.

The hotel based apps are designed in such a way which sends notifications to the customers within seconds regarding their queries along with a welcome message, booking details, payment details, etc in just a click,

Hence, apps can bring a personal touch between the customers and the hotel staff altogether. On the other hand, a hotel can also access the queries and requirements by the customers to offer them better service next time.

Live updates

Hotels are taking support of mobile apps to attract more customers. A hotel based application can send direct push notifications to the customers who are associated with the given app.

Customers can get the notifications regarding the deals, offers and other combos. The multichannel application will give more advantage to a hotel, as customers with the app can book their choice of room within their budget, ordering food and many more things.

Almost all hospitality businesses are accepting the idea of mobile apps. Hence to get multifunctional and multichannel application, it is must to know how much it cost to develop an app while hiring the best mobile app development agency to get the desired result.

Establishing a brand

The growth of the business depends on the number of factors like repetitive visitors, service, and room quality.

With the mobile app, hotels can allow users to book their room according to their liking and budget along with being open to feedback for ultimately increasing customer experience.


It is impossible for the top level authorities to check out an everyday report of the hotel. Hence, with hotel based app, the authorities can get the details in just a click.

With apps, they can check out their hotel operation on the go to understand what customers want and what can be done better for enhancing customer service.


Language is often seen as a barrier not just for international clients but also for local natives. Hence, a mobile app with different language options can create a positive impact and quick result.

For creating such multifunctional and flawless hotel based applications, hotels need to hire the most acknowledged and experienced mobile app development company to ensure the best result.

Competitive approach

Mobile apps are the best way to check out the competition in the market. Having the best, interactive and flawless app will make hotels ahead in the race.

This approach will let hotels virtually attract more number of customers by letting them book rooms easily and efficiently. The stronger and easier your app will be, there will be more chances of booming business in no time,

A marketing tool

Getting your business schemes and other policies printing on a newspaper will incur you a huge amount, using the medium of TV or radio will be more expensive. Hence, a mobile-based app will help in marketing the hotel more and more.

With the app, the hotel can share news, updates, deals, and discounts which will directly help the customers to avail the benefits to the earliest possible.

Hotel staff productivity

Mobile apps are certainly the way to track costumer’s activity while monitoring and tracking staff services also.

A mobile app will definitely help the higher authority to check and monitor the services being rendered by the staff by effectively providing them feedback.

Data collector

The access to let customers book rooms according to their liking and budget will always benefit the hotel. Hotels can send deals and other schemes by tracking the things a customer has taken previously.

This process will let the hotel offer best in class services along with referral choices to suit their needs.

Self-service options

With mobile apps, it is becoming easy for the customers along with the hotel staff to manage things. Hotels via the hotel based apps can choose the various self-service options for their guest like:

  • Dinner and other meals reservation
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Room service
  • Food orders in the room
  • Spa and other massages
  • various payment options
  • Nearby attractions prior bookings

These little yet the most important things make the customers experience best while strengthening the chance to make them more loyal to your hotel.  

There are many mobile app development companies in the market but to cherish the taste of success and acknowledgment, it is important and crucial to choose the best one.

Saves time and cost

Time is money, we must have heard this cliche many times but often waste it deliberately or unconsciously while looking for a hotel and its related things

With the engaging UI of the hotel based app, customers can easily check all the information related to amenities, timings, ratings, food, services, etc.

Instead of calling the front desk again and again for the basic things and stuff, customers can directly call or request for the requirement through the app.

Concluding all these steps together, it is obvious that the hospitality and hotel industry is definitely getting new challenges from the market forces. Therefore, for a hotel owner, mobile apps are like the opportunity to connect with the tourists and customers easily.

Meanwhile, developing a best and interactive UI/UX design in the app will help to attract more users while informing them about the hotel and other amenities. For developing an app, you can also outsource an app development company in order to save a few pennies apart from getting great app quality.