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Advertising Products And Promoting Brands On Instagram Can Raise Traffic

If you want to drive more traffic to your page, there is no better way that advertising your product and brand on Instagram. This popular photo and video sharing app will allow you to create the most appealing and result driven ads that will boost up:

  • Your profile among the users
  • Traffic to your site
  • Sales conversion rate and 
  • Your business revenue.

There are different forms of ads that you can post on Instagram though the most basic and popular form of Instagram advertising is the lead ads. These particular ads collect valuable info from the potential customers. 

Steps to create lead ads

However, when you create such ads you must make sure that the ads do not push the users off the platform. It should not look like you are pushing for sales which will annoy the users resulting in an exodus. 

The best three ways and steps to follow to create these ads are:

  • Promoting a post within the platform 
  • Creating the ads for Facebook news feeds and 
  • Creating better Instagram Stories ads in the Facebook Ads Manager.

For a beginner, this process of creating lead ads can be a bit difficult for which it is recommended that you take help from experts like Stormlikes or any other. 

Usefulness of Instagram Stories ads and others 

You can make the best use of the Instagram Stories ads that typically appear just above the Instagram feed of the users. These ads however are viewable only for 24 hours after its launch. These are however the best form of advertising on Instagram. These ads are perfect for:

  • Driving more and better product and brand awareness
  • Calling user generated content and 
  • Making new offers and announcing discount sales.

However, if you are more interested in creating email marketing funnels then you can use Instagram Facebook ads. These ads are very useful to:

  • Outline your ad sequence funnel
  • Prepare your marketing campaign components.

These ads will help you to make your page more appealing with a better designed landing and thank-you page and more. 

Marketing Through Instagram Stories

Apart from creating the best ads on Instagram, you will also get a lot of benefit if you contribute to Instagram Stories. This will increase your brand awareness. It will also keep the users engaged. The Stories will tell them everything about your brand, product or services and how it will help you in your daily life. 

The first step to enhance your story is to change the cover of your Instagram story highlights from the default view. This will give it a more branded cover image. The feature of Instagram story highlights will allow you to categorize and save the important content that may be educational or entertaining from your stories. 

  • This is much different from regular Instagram stories that typically disappear after 24 hours. 
  • The highlights are typically saved to custom categories on the Instagram profile.
  • These will stay there till the time you delete them.

In order to choose the best Instagram Story Highlights you must think of highlights such as the containers for similarly themed Instagram stories that you want to share. Once you are done with adding content to your story, you must then choose to highlight that content. You can do this by saving it in one of these containers.

Add useful links

Simply creating an appealing and convincing ad is not enough for business marketing through Instagram. You will need to add relevant and useful links along with it so that the Instagram Story is more productive. When you add links to your ad, it will give you a better way to make the users engage with your business profile. This is actually a marketing concept that has gone viral. 

  • It involves sharing Instagram posts once again in the Instagram Story into your business profile. 
  • This will help you to ensure that those external posts that you want compliment your product or service in a much better way.

It is one of the most important concepts in Instagram marketing to drive more traffic because your business account will push your own Instagram Stories to help your site to get more visibility in the Instagram app. As a result, this will provide your users with more useful and better content to consume. 

Different features to use for marketing

Typically, Instagram comes with a lot of useful features that will help a lot in your marketing efforts. 

  • If you want to get more value from your Instagram Stories it is recommended that you use the Instagram Highlights feature. This will also help you a lot if you are keen on repurposing the content of your Instagram profile. The Highlights feature will allow you to combine several different Instagram Stories into a long term content that the users can discern at a more convenient time.
  • Instagram Takeover is another popular form of Instagram marketing feature. If you want to use this feature for your marketing purpose all you have to do for this is to arrange for an influencer. This influencer will take your account over during a special event or for regular posts for any given day. This will not only expose your product and brand to your followers will also provide your business with external credibility.
  • You may also consider Polls which are a great Instagram tool. This tool will allow you to poll your followers and at the same time will help you to monitor the result. You will get immediate feedback using this tool and in addition to that you will also gain a lot of valuable insights regarding the behavior, needs and values of the customers. Polls are good to know about your options that are available and that to use, the timing preference, communication modes as well as the topics for your future blog posts.

Remember, having a good product and creating a better ad is one thing, and getting the users to notice on Instagram is another. Instagram features will reduce your workload and increase the results both, successfully.