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Why and How to Spot, Get a Top-Notch UX Design Agency

Success Depends on Trusting a Tested UX Design Agency

You don’t have to be an expert UX designer in order to hit success in the tech-oriented generation today. All you need to do is to face the challenge on how to spot the right and perfect UX design agency for your tech-related project. There are effective methods on how to hire a proven designer who can help elevate the level of your start-up or existing business. Being online or digital is the main keyword in today’s market trend that is driven by the force of technological innovations.

There are DIY processes and steps available online. There are as well tools that are ready to be used for free or through subscriptions. However, if you’re not a tech savvy person, it’s still difficult to realize your end-goal. That’s why it’s advised for start-ups to tie up or work with those who are expert in this field.

Purpose, Functions of a UX Designer

UX designing is a job. It is a lucrative job for some. Not just lucrative but interesting as well. The main job of this designer is to be creative and technical in arriving at certain user-experience designs for applications and websites. Unlike a UI designer, a user research UX designer does the intricate job in going deeper to the functionalities of a certain app or website. Website plug-ins, inbuilt tools, extensions, and other elements in the online-based toolkits are the focus of this expert.

Does this designer play an important role? Yes! Just think of a house being built without an architect or interior planner. That house could not be as presentable and useful as it should be because there’s no plan that should come ahead of the start of the construction. The main role of this designer is to come up with interactive designed functionalities for every application or website.

A user testing designer has an excellent skill set that includes the knowledge on Adobe and Sketch. The level of knowledge should be deeper than the usual level as this person is tasked with a highly interacting process to analyze the interactions of users with your prototypes, mockups, and wireframes. It’s truly a difficult job to do, so to speak. But those inclined with this job really love their work and truly care to bring a high value to their craft. That’s why your stiff challenge to have a marketable site or app can be easy with the help and presence of a proven user experience design agency.

Is it costly to have a superb information architecture partner?

The usual charge is per hour. If you’re going to hire one of the available freelancers in town, you will usually be charged from $12 to $15 per hour. But understand that it is a low-end pricing scheme. If you want an expert output from a trusted agency from the available design firms, you will be charged from $600 up to $8K. Worth it? Maybe yes, maybe not. The budgeting strategy should depend on the size of your business, and must rely also on your goals and objectives. If you’re just a start-up business then you can pick one of the highly-sought freelancers. But web design agencies are for the purpose of helping medium-sized and large-scale business organizations.

Stages to Create an App Design

It is important to understand the stages when creating a mobile app design.

First Stage: Research

It is the most time consuming phase in the entire cycle. It is the time when everything from raw data to other related elements is accumulated for analyses, evaluations and syntheses. The usual activity is to gather data from the target audience as to their interests and the like. It also involves market research or the testing-of-the-water stage preliminarily.

Second Stage: Wireframing

It usually takes from 8 to 80 hours. According to experts, a user experience agency will have workers to place the elements on the screen for testing purpose thereafter. The navigational buttons will be set up in the app in this stage. The linking of the different elements in the screen is also done in this stage.

Third Stage: User Interface Design

How much time is spent in this particular stage? It usually takes from 25 hours up to 300 hours. The next stage after the placement of the navigational aspects, in this stage, all visual elements that form part of the entire design should be in place after the completion of this specific phase.

Fourth Stage: Other Design Processes and Activities

Are you fond of animations-based graphics and designs? If yes, then it is during this stage that this is done in the entire mobile app design activities. The interaction designs are tested here as well as the high resolution graphics. This is the reason why your hired agency or UX designer must be knowledgeable enough in this field.

What makes a good UX design?

The output of your project can be a success or failure. But of course, you want to succeed in your project that’s why you’re hiring a UI/UX Design expert. There are 4 aspects when you can tell yourself that your UX design project is successful.

First, it is important that the creator of your app or website meets the whole overview of the project which must be in consonance with what you want to have.

Second, usually you are the one to explain the things relevant to the entire design process. If your hired agency meets your preliminary explanations then your project is perfectly done.

Third, the stages presented above are done properly. Those phases are vital to achieving ultimate success.

Fourth, there is what we call as a final measurable outcome. The design/redesign of your app or site is measurable and can be gauged based on various parameters.

Again the question is: How to spot a world-class UX designer for your project? You just have to understand why an app or website is important and you need to imbibe deeply how a UX, UI design is supposedly carried out by experts. Just the general viewpoints as you don’t need to be an expert yourself in this particular field.